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some birthday celebration snippets

Saturday, July 12, 2014

So Thursday was Jake's birthday! Let's just say, it wasn't exactly how I planned it, because cars kept breaking down on me. I was planning a little surprise camping trip, but that didn't happen haha. So we watched some X-Files instead, and the next morning we dined on some donuts from Banbury Cross (after reading on Olivia's blog that they are the best). They were a success! Needless to say they were pretty much gone by the end of the day hahahaha. 

I guess this isn't super birthday related, but I ordered this dinosaur costume for Trixie, and when we got it it was wayyyy too small. So, we put it on Jake's family's dog instead. HAHAHAHA!

We stopped by Jimmy John's for some birthday grub! 

We were going to go to The Fault in our Stars, and so we decided to play Left for Dead 2 until it was time to leave, but then we just got caught up in slaying those zombies and didn't go to the movie haha. 

Since my car broke, and then the car I was borrowing broke, I didn't have a vehicle to get fabric for Jake's giant donut pillow, so I had to improvise and make this baby one with fabric from Wal-Mart hahaha. Jake kept wearing it like this and it was literally the funniest thing. 

We ended the night with a little scooter ride in the rain drizzle! Gosh, scooters are one of those things you forget you love until you get on one, ya know?

Even though it was far from what I was planning for him, I think the day turned out alright!

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  1. it still sounds and looks like a great day! and now i'm craaaving donuts, those look so delicious.
    xo, cheyenne

  2. sounds like a perfect birthday, & banbury cross donuts are SO good, good call on getting those!

  3. firstly: happy birthday to your man
    secondly: those donuts look DIVINE!!!
    lastly: left for dead rocks! good choice :)


  4. That looks like so much fun :) Love the donut pillow!!- Seriously- i am so not that creative :)


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