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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This picture serves as a reminder of what happens when I try to "switch it up" and cut my bangs above eyebrow. It's been a rough two weeks, but I think they are finally to a manageable length. 

I wish I could stop talking about this but I can't. Dollar Shave Club is one of the best things to happen ever. It's like, $6 a month and they send you this cute little package with a razor and four razor blades. The best part? You get new blades every month! So, you have a new one each week. It's soooo amazing. I keep telling Jake, "Feel my body! Feel it!!" Also, I keep feeling it because I can't even handle how smooth my skin is. Like, these fresh razor blades mixed with coconut oil every day has seriously made my skin like the best its ever been. I could talk about it for so long, so if you ever see me IRL and want a conversation starter, just ask me how I feel about Dollar Shave Club and coconut oil.

Finally got a new car! I'm seriously loving it so much. Like, sooo much. 

We tried The Matterhorn food truck the other day, and it was actually pretty good! Jake got french toast with carmel syrup, and I got some $9 piece of french toast be #schoolcelebrations. We initially decided that Kneader's $5 unlimited french toast was a better deal, but then I tasted my french toast and the heavens opened. It literally is the best french toast I've ever had. They have like, little crunchies that are just amazing. I don't even know how to explain it.

Sunsets lately have been so good. This night the sun was red! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it is definitely super beautiful.

Also! I finally found a Diet Coke with my name on it, and right next to it was one with Jake's name on it. So, that's a cute thing. Also, beuno bars are tres bueno. Eat one if you haven't had one. It's like a small slice of heaven.

Also, I've added a new "Things To Do In Utah" tab with some of our favorite things to do/eat/see in the Utah County area (and surrounding areas). I made this because it's not secret Utah isn't the most exciting of places, but it does have some good things to offer!

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and let us know!!! We need some new places!

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  1. i love that tab you made--keep adding to it! also, never stop posting sunset pictures. you are nailing it! aaaand you have inspired me to put coconut oil back into my skin routine. oh, and your comment on my blog where you mentioned, "jinkies!" made me literally laugh so hard. we watched the finale the night before i read the comment and i was like OH MY GOSH that was my favorite part of the entire episode! "that's a little dark for someone who just said jinkies." modern family lovers UNITE.

  2. So just recently I have started to hear a lot about coconut oil! I might have to try it. I thought dollar shave club was only for boys so this really pleases me! A

  3. I've been thinking of joining this dollar shave club. I always want to walk into their shop when I go to the mall. Maybe I will next time! Also, love the car! I want to drive that thing straight through an 80s movie.

  4. Yay things to do in Utah tab! I'm gonna be all over that.

  5. woah, i had no clue about the dollar shave club, such a cool idea! & your car looks rad, so fun. &&& your leggings!!!!!!!!! i love skulls, so it goes without saying, i'm in love with your leggings.

  6. The story of the cokes being beside one another is actually the cutest thing!!!

  7. YOUR LEGGINGS! And yay new car :) I too use and obsess over coconut oil. Do you use it as face wash? I started in the last month or two and I've seen an amazing difference! xo

  8. Really great blog and amazing photos!



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