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Thursday, July 31, 2014

shop my closet

Really quick! I'm selling a bunch of clothes on instagram that have just been sitting in my closet since I bought them.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

life snippets

This picture serves as a reminder of what happens when I try to "switch it up" and cut my bangs above eyebrow. It's been a rough two weeks, but I think they are finally to a manageable length. 

I wish I could stop talking about this but I can't. Dollar Shave Club is one of the best things to happen ever. It's like, $6 a month and they send you this cute little package with a razor and four razor blades. The best part? You get new blades every month! So, you have a new one each week. It's soooo amazing. I keep telling Jake, "Feel my body! Feel it!!" Also, I keep feeling it because I can't even handle how smooth my skin is. Like, these fresh razor blades mixed with coconut oil every day has seriously made my skin like the best its ever been. I could talk about it for so long, so if you ever see me IRL and want a conversation starter, just ask me how I feel about Dollar Shave Club and coconut oil.

Finally got a new car! I'm seriously loving it so much. Like, sooo much. 

We tried The Matterhorn food truck the other day, and it was actually pretty good! Jake got french toast with carmel syrup, and I got some $9 piece of french toast be #schoolcelebrations. We initially decided that Kneader's $5 unlimited french toast was a better deal, but then I tasted my french toast and the heavens opened. It literally is the best french toast I've ever had. They have like, little crunchies that are just amazing. I don't even know how to explain it.

Sunsets lately have been so good. This night the sun was red! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it is definitely super beautiful.

Also! I finally found a Diet Coke with my name on it, and right next to it was one with Jake's name on it. So, that's a cute thing. Also, beuno bars are tres bueno. Eat one if you haven't had one. It's like a small slice of heaven.

Also, I've added a new "Things To Do In Utah" tab with some of our favorite things to do/eat/see in the Utah County area (and surrounding areas). I made this because it's not secret Utah isn't the most exciting of places, but it does have some good things to offer!

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment and let us know!!! We need some new places!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

a happy list: 23

getting an a on my final and also finishing my class / getting a $5 tip / drinking a limca / matterhorn french toast / the episode of modern family where they go to vegas / trixie's dinosaur costume / the 50-year-old customer who complimented my headband / finally going on a sunset bike ride / getting my hair dyed by my nice co-worker who is amazing / watching wicker park (and mega-obsessing)

some LLOL (literally laugh out loud) things people have said this week:

(in the car, driving out of the wal-mart parking lot, headed home)
me: "anyways, but hey. let's go to taco time."
j: "GEEZ UM! nice move emmy!!!! that's why you're here! that's why you're here!!"

(while eating french toast)
j: i'm a simple man when it comes to french toast.

(my mom walks in the door)
my mom: i'm going to dinner with some friends tonight so i'll be home later.
me: ok. what friends are you going to dinner with?
my mom: emmy, you're all up in my business!

(while going through our candy bin)
j: i feel bad for not eating this candy.
me: it's ok, just throw it away.
j: but it's like, i don't eat TAFFY in my free time.

definitely posting this a day late, but it doesn't matter because i have been so productive with time i can't even apologize for neglecting this little cyberspace. birthday/graduation is looking more and more like a real thing that can happen!

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P.S. Here are some internet things to make you happy. John Legend's most beautiful music video, this cute baby smiling, this magnet, rupert lamontagne's "50 girls of summer"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

the 24th of july

First of all, am I the only one who thinks this holiday is a little strange? Mainly because it only exists in Utah as far as I know, haha, which is just a weird thought. But, it was a good excuse to make this cake I found on Willivia's blog! Without it I would have had to wait a whole year to make it!

The drive up there was absolutely incredible! The canyon was soooo beautiful. The sunset also was like, the most incredible. These pictures aren't even edited.

I'm quite happy I got to take some supa-tumbla-fresh pictures of Jake being a hot model.

It wasn't as crowded as we thought, so yay for that. 

Also, can I take a moment and be super corny and just shout out to how amazing being married is? Like it seriously is so fun to have someone who is just on your same page with life, ya know? Also, can we just take a small moment and recognize how amazing my husband is? I mean, he seriously is the best with listening to me rant about things, dealing with all my temotional moments (tired-emotional), and just being the nicest person. We have such different view points on so many things, but it's amazing because it doesn't even matter, because he's just so chill he doesn't need to make me into someone I'm not. I don't know if that makes sense, but I guess all I'm trying to say is that Jake is the most amazing male human I have met ever and I'm obsessed with him.

If you're wondering why we love our Picnic Spots... look at this view!

Can you see the baby fireworks? Haha it was so much fun watching them go off all over the valley. You could hear them too, which I was surprised by! 

All in all, it was a good holiday! It was good to get off on our own and spend some quality Luh Time. I wouldn't mind if we made this Squaw Peak peak this a yearly tradition!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

vegetarian tacos - vacos

VACOS YOU GUYS. LET'S EAT VACOS. Usually tacos are never my thing. With fake meat they taste too real and gross me out, and I don't like beans. So, basically #situations. But, QUINOA YOU GUYS. These are delish. Also, super easy to make. So, double yay.

Also, Limca is always a must when passing the Indian market. 

But, basically 1/4 cup of quinoa is enough for like 2 or 3 tacos, so let that guide you. Also, I like cranberries, olives, and cheese. I usually do tomatoes, but woe is the garden right now.

So far this is the only quinoa recipe I have liked! If you have any good recipes for quinoa things, let me know.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

a happy list: 22

jake coming home (!!) (it was the very first night we spent apart since being married!) / guru's tofu tacos and fries / finally trying gloria's little italy gelato / seeing a spider under a microscope, displayed on a huge computer screen / seeing a box full of baby turkeys / when two people from one of our favorite t.v. shows finally kissed (trying to not give it away haha) / talking to my super cool coworker for hours about life / frozen hot chocolate from kneaders / getting supa sweet deals from the farmer's market / finally trying lemonade with mint and loving it

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

things lately

Wednesday I hung out with this fool and her cousin rented puppies! They were seriously sooooo cute. How weird is it that there's a company that lets you rent puppies? Haha I don't understand, but am glad it's a thing. Also, making apps with the Partyparty app is one of the best things.

Also, me and Alena matched accidentally and that was cute.

So, shout out to Avery for telling me about Guru's tofu tacos. They are literally sooo good I can't even handle.

Sunsets have been extra beautiful lately, for whatever reason.

SOOOOOO. I have been finding TONS of spiders lately and it's the grossest thing. Wednesday I found 1, Thursday 5, and Friday 6. So, Friday I went and got some bug bombs to get rid of them all. I caught two spiders in a jar and wanted to take them down to the agriculture building and find out what kind of spiders they are (btw, she said either hobo or house... haha!) and I accidentally locked my keys in the house. Our spare key didn't work on the deadbolt, so I had to break into my house! It was creepily easy. I popped the screen out and then slid the window open and hopped in haha. Trixie was literally so confused the whole time.

Then, this morning my mother and I went to the farmer's market! It was pretty fun. They had really good strawberry basil lemonade with mint. I got some flavored honey sticks, because what even are those, ya know? Also some guy was selling five cucumbers or squash for $2! Oh, and I got like, 10 cups of blackberries for $4. Sooo many good deals you guys, so many good deals.

Waffle Love for breakfast because pearl sugar makes for the most delicious waffles.

Chats with the mother!

Basically everything else that has been going on has been school. I'm almost done with my class, so yay for that. Jake gets home soon from his camping adventure, and I'm so anxious! He was gone for four days, which has never happened before during our marriage. So, it was sad spending a night alone, but then I remembered how I don't mind being alone and was fine haha. I got A LOT of school done, so that was good. As well as some other stuff I've been meaning to do, but I can't wait until he comes home and we can binge watch The X-Files and eat delicious food. AH!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

weekend scenes

People come through Starbuck's with their little pups all the time, so I decided to take Trixie with me on some morning adventures to the Pharmacy. I thought she would be all into the convertible vibes and stick her head out the window or something, but she was just a proper little chester the whole time like in the first picture haha. We went to Beans and Brews because hello, best hot chocolate and they gave her a little puppy treat! Cutest thing, cutest thing. 

We decided to put Trixie in Jake's donut pillow, and she actually liked it haha. She just laid there all content. Then on Saturday, we stopped by Sodalicious before the Andrew McMahon and I (being used to McDonald's large size) ordered a large huckleberry diet pepsi, and this is how big it was! I think it was like 44 ounces or something. Soooo much soda.

I forever hate that you can't bring DSLRs into concerts. But Andrew McMahon really was something else. We went to his concert at the same venue last year the same day we got engaged. It was so awesome because along with some of his new stuff, he also plays A TON of his old Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate stuff. It's super amazing because his venues are smaller, but you still get all the good old stuff. So, basically all I'm saying is you should go if you like Jack's Mannequin or Something Corporate.

Sunday consisted of more birthday celebrations for the bacon. (My niece put the candles in lol.)

We ended Sunday with a little scooter ride to Wal-Mart to get a soda from the machine, but true to Wal-Mart form all three of the vending machines were either sold out or jammed. So, we adventured for a little bit and found this amazing view in a random neighborhood not too far from our house. Score!

A great, productive weekend all in all!

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