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first anniversary!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
I just have to start this with a shout out to My Cute Husband for planning our entire awesome anniversary weekend! I was having small panic attacks about my forever long list of things to do and handed our anniversary celebrations over to him, and he did wayyyyy better at planning it then I ever could have! Furthermore, it was all a surprise. BEST HUSBAND. 

We went up to Deer Valley and settled into our cutest hotel. We grabbed some lunch at Jimmy Johns and window shopped some beautiful Apple products we will *maybe* have one day (college, am I right). We talked to some phone guys, and I made a momentary decision that I would rather do anything in the world, including, but not limited to: 
snuggle a cat 
eat a steak 
run a marathon
cut off all my hair
watch waterworld
listen to dogs licking all day
peel off my fingernails one by one
pluck out my eyelashes and eyebrows
stab my eyes out with a fork

than speak with a sprint/tmobile/verizon/at&t employee about getting a new phone plan. It is literally the worst, I have decided. And probably nothing will ever be worse than it. I could literally talk about this for hours, so if you need a conversation starter, ask me how I feel about cell phone shopping. 

ANYWAYS. My brother-in-law gave us some cash and made us dinner reservations at... Ruth Chris! Apparently he feels everyone should try one of their stakes. They put cute rose petals on the table for our anniversary, and it was adorable. 

They had the most delicious onion rings sent from the Gods, and like this asian sauce? No one knows but it was sooooo good. 

I feel it's important to note that if you are a vegetarian, this is what your meal at Ruth Chris will look like. While the fries were delicious, the asparagus was so-so and a tomato? Who knows. Good, but not super filling, haha. But, on the plus side, Jake loved his steak so much he had trouble holding a conversation, so there's that.

Cute car selfies. My brother-in-law let us borrow his BMW convertible (seeing a theme with my brother-in-law? They basically have tons of awesome stuff and are rather nice.) and it made me get some mad street cred from some "dope homies" in Salt Lake. 

The next morning we went up to Deer Valley and rode the ski lifts to the very top of the mountain, and then hiked down! It was so fun (and slightly strange) to see the slopes minus all the snow. Also, most beautiful. 

Post ski lift #1!

There were all taken at the top of the mountain. It was so pretty! And so much fun to not have to hike the entire way. Call me lazy, but I'm down for a nice, calm ski lift ride to a beautiful view like this. 

We definitely got lost on the way down and started going down some random paths. 

We finally found the Ontario hiking trail! Which was nice after having to back track like, fifteen minutes. So, yay.

We hiked through the cutest little grove of trees. It was so peaceful! It's where I imagined Bella and Edward being when she sees him sparkle for the first time. (Judge me.)

Feeling real granola with our Clif bars and LifeWater lunch. Ignore my Jones. The bottles are just so beautiful I can't resist. 

We saw two squirrels on our hike!! They both just like, froze and posed for us. Can you have a squirrel as a pet? 

How lucky are the chaps who own this tree house? I'm pretty sure sitting in this dude would make whatever you are doing like, 87% cooler. 

Randomly enough, we ended up going to The Pie on Saturday, just like we did the day after we got married. Also, Jake packed me a dress and strangely enough it was the same dress I wore leaving our reception. So, coincidences I guess. 

Kneaders is the nicest and gave us this free little cake for our anniversary, so we got it fresh! It was nice, because I don't remember either of us getting much cake at our reception. Darn those people. Can't they just leave the bride and groom alone and let them eat their stupid food?! Say hi to me later! #issueswiththesystem

But, really, it was an awesome weekend. I'm so pleased I married the nicest human being in the world who knows me so well! I couldn't have asked for a better bb. 

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