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plain english: photoshop

Saturday, June 7, 2014

So, mainly why I'm writing this is because I always see blogger's photos and I slightly obsess with the editing and I email them about how they do it... and they never respond, haha. So, I decided to post some of my favorite things to do to each photo, in case anyone cares haha. Photoshop has like, a billion features and it can be hard to decode everything. So, this just some basic ish that I do to most of my photos.

Ok, so here's my photo after I took it out of Camera Raw. I really love shooting in RAW, because when you upload your photo to Photoshop, it opens it in this other little window first where you can make basic edits. My favorite thing to do there is fix the exposure and the temperature. So, on the left is what it looked like after that.

Then, I like to play around with the "levels" on Photoshop and make shadows darker, midtones lighter/darker, etc. On my photos from the "Mila" post, I made everything except the subject darker. I like the ghostly look it gives. On this one I kept it simple though.

Also, I have to take on minute and get on the soap box (is that how you say that?) about composition. This photo is not my favorite in any way, because my mother took it after I got the settings set up. No offense to mothers, because this was also in the front yard of her house. So, I think it important to note that a lot of what makes a photo look good is a neat location, and good composition!

 photo 1copy_zpsf225de33.jpg

I really really like "selective color". It's awesome because you can change the hue and tones of just one color. It really is so amazing. I don't know how I lived without it before. I also like to fade my images just a little bit. I added a touch of warmth to this one, because it seemed a little too cool. 

 photo 3selectivecolorcopy_zpsf73d30c5.jpg

I added a vignette. I sometimes do this just with a paintbrush at like 5% and the color black. It's not the easiest way I'm sure, but I like the control it gives me as opposed to an official vignette tool. The image was looking a little flat to me, so I added some dimension with adjusting the curves just a bit, as well. 

 photo 6vignettecopy_zpsa6f042da.jpg

And that's mostly what I did! There might have been a few other things here and there that I missed during my documenting process, but yeah that's basically it. I like to do a little bit more if I am editing things to look more "artsy" like the photos I did with Mila, but I wanted this one to look fresh and clean since it's going on the cover of my new planner from Tiny Prints! I'm so excited to finally have a nice planner. I usually work out of ones that are five bucks at Walmart, so this is a big deal for an obsessive planner like me, haha. I also love that Jake and I are the cover! So many cute things, so many cute things.

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