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Monday, June 30, 2014

gett 100% on my motivation final / buying tickets to glass animals at kilby court (!!!) / eating a rainbow snow cone / celebrating our first anniversary / getting a free mini version of our wedding cake and getting to taste the goodness at last / the lighting at the capitol during the bridal shoot i did / seeing two squirrels on our hike / my mother-in-law hashtagging #bebeandbacon on the picture she posted of me and jake / a coworker volunteering to take my shift even though i had no reason to not work, resulting in a fantastic day off / and best of all... a month or two ago, i tried to alter a cute yellow coat to fit my arms, and waist, and i also added white buttons. i broke two needles and got really frustrated trying to fix it, so i just threw it away and cried. jake (being the small gem he is) fished it out of the trash can without me knowing, had it altered, and gave it to me for our anniversary. i almost cried! i now have the cutest yellow coat with white buttons, all thanks to my cutest, most thoughtful husband ever

this week was definitely a good one!
(photo from the top of a mountain in park city)

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  1. I giggled at your MIL's hashtag

  2. That thing about the jacket is just the sweetest. Thank you for sharing that warm, fuzzy tidbit.


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