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a happy list: 16

Monday, June 9, 2014

this video / glass animals' new album / discovering frozen bananas can be made into ice cream / granato's mint chocolate chip gelato (also, daybreak) / finally buying yoga pants and a monthly pass to our local hot yoga studio / eating the most delicious veggie burger from the cheesecake factory / going on a walk with my mom, and talking about candy crush the entire time. then coming home and talking about it for another half hour with my grandma and mom / (one of my favorite things about people is when they refer to objects as "this guy" or "this dude") the guy at best buy who kept referring to the external hard drive we were asking about as "this guy". "this guy is going to get you more storage" / my cute niece surprising me at dinner by tapping on my knee from underneath the table and giving me a heart attack /pup-uccinos at starbucks /  when jake brought me french toast at work

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"Come into the bacon cave... Where little bacon dreams come true." -Jake

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  1. Oh my gosh, banana "ice-cream" is the BEST. I discovered it last year when I went through a paleo/clean eating phase. It is delishhhhh. You guys are the cutest! I'm gonna email you soon, I promise!

  2. Ooh, hot yoga. I want to start exercising but then I remember that I'm pregnant, so I think, what's the point? HA. I could/should exercise, but doing so in public makes me feel weird, given my current appearance.

    I laughed at "Toby McGuire gtfo forever" Haha!
    Also, yes, I wish we could watch all the movies together. Ryan is stingy about seeing movies in theaters, too. Ah! I haven't even started trying to make new friends, but it just seems so hard.

  3. OH! And read The Fault in Our Stars.
    I'm reading it for the second time, and I'm liking it a lot better this time around. I think my expectations were too high the first time I read it. But yeah. It'll take you like 2 days to read.


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