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Monday, June 30, 2014

a happy list: 19

gett 100% on my motivation final / buying tickets to glass animals at kilby court (!!!) / eating a rainbow snow cone / celebrating our first anniversary / getting a free mini version of our wedding cake and getting to taste the goodness at last / the lighting at the capitol during the bridal shoot i did / seeing two squirrels on our hike / my mother-in-law hashtagging #bebeandbacon on the picture she posted of me and jake / a coworker volunteering to take my shift even though i had no reason to not work, resulting in a fantastic day off / and best of all... a month or two ago, i tried to alter a cute yellow coat to fit my arms, and waist, and i also added white buttons. i broke two needles and got really frustrated trying to fix it, so i just threw it away and cried. jake (being the small gem he is) fished it out of the trash can without me knowing, had it altered, and gave it to me for our anniversary. i almost cried! i now have the cutest yellow coat with white buttons, all thanks to my cutest, most thoughtful husband ever

this week was definitely a good one!
(photo from the top of a mountain in park city)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


We finally got to go camping! Last summer we tried to go to Fifth Water Hot Springs, but it just didn't work out for so many reasons. We got to our campsite really late, and also we were under the impression that the hike was like 15 minutes. So, it just wasn't a very good combination. This year, however, we did our research! Jake picked me up from work with the car all loaded up and we headed out. 

The hardest thing about camping for us is finding a free site. I mean, hello, who pays for a campsite? It defeats the purpose in our heads. So, last time we found this place after much searching. So, it was much easier this time around.

We got the cutest little spot at the end of the trail. It was about a five minute walk from the parking lot, but then also really close to the stream, so we got lulled to sleep by the rushing waters :) it was so calming, really.

We started the hike this time prepped and ready! We went into it thinking it would take us about an hour and a half. It only ended up taking about 50 minutes. We did stop a couple times too, to look at the pretty scenery. You could probably do it in 45 minutes, and it's not even bad.

This was the cutest little spot! It just loved how peaceful it was. It was so picturesque.

We made it! It was very different from what we were thinking, but only in the very best way. There were tons of spots that were cut off, so it wasn't hard to have some privacy. 

The nicest man offered to take this picture (which we were setting up selfie-style). I had a small heart attack while he was holding my camera while standing in a hot pot full of slippery moss-covered rocks, but alas, it survived. And now we've got this cutie, so win win.

I found this dead butterfly, and I wanted to take it home, but then I decided I didn't know what I would do with it. So, we propped it on some leaves on a huge rock in the middle of the trail. It was just so beautiful, and so well intact!

I discovered the beauty that fire photography is... but I decided to only include one picture, because I took wayyyyyy too many. 

Jake packed literally everything for this trip while I was at work, and he did such a killer job. He even bought veggie dogs so we could eat the same thing! Cutest husband award. Also, I feel it's important to note we both ate 3 hot dogs, plus chips, plus a smore.

We got these cutest camping socks from J.Crew, and I'm so happy Jake remembered to bring them! We were the cutest bb feet.

The next morning we explored the surrounding area, but didn't find too many exciting things. We snacked on the side of the old, bridge ruins and watched our chips float down the river. I also saved a little dude from a spider's web, so there's that.

So, while at the hot springs I looked down at the rings I have been wearing every day for a very long time and saw the left picture... I was devastated! Apparently hot springs wreck your rings. However, if you wrap a cup in tinfoil, put your rings in there, add a TBSP of baking soda, a TBSP of salt, and some hot water, it cleans right off! Amazing. 

This camping trip was our favorite to date! Everything went sooo smoothly compared to our last trips. I think it just takes a couple times to get everything down. Yay! Hopefully we can get some more breaks from work and school, so we can go to some of the other spots we've been eyeing. 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

a happy list: 18 - photo edition

1. Enjoying summer days at the park with the fam. It's nice living just a short walk from so many parks! (Shortly after this photo was taken I fell asleep, and was awoken by a slobbery dog lick-attacking my face.) 

2. Driving around in Jake's new car! I've never felt the power that is a stick shift before, and I'm quite the fan.

3 & 4. Getting these amazing products in a giveaway from Mon Sheree! I haven't mastered the beauty blender yet, but I'm loving the lotion. Also, diet coke with coconut and fresh lime is a wonderful switch up from my usual huckleberry diet pepsi.

5. Picking at the three story park by our house, and also discovering that JCW's can make any hamburger with a gardenburger instead of a meat pattie. I tried the hawaiian (spelling?) burger, and it was delicious. Also, the view was nice for our little car picnic.

6 & 7. Wedding season!! It's one of my favorite things about summer. We have close to ten this summer, and I'm sooo loving it. Especially now that we've got our staple wedding gift we can give to everyone. It gets ride of the whole "What should we get them?" conversation. Also, going to the temple with my cute friend Hailey for her first time! (Slurp afterwards, obviously. It was the first day I had been there twice, so that's embarrassing.) I'm so sad she's leaving, but she will have such an awesome time in France.

8. Accidentally wearing matching black v-neck shirts during our study party. Also the way Jake holds Trixie is the cutest ever.

9. When Trixie sits and watches me while I eat. She has started like, facing me directly and just laying there the whole time I'm eating. I guess it doesn't help that I throw her a fry or two ;)

(A fun picture of me sleeping, because hello, that's my life these days. I wake up at 4, open, work six hours, then come home and it's just too hard to not fall asleep on this oversized chair! Jake thinks I'm a cute bb when I sleep, and takes pictures instead of waking me up, and then I get really grumpy that no one woke me up haha. It's a vicious cycle. But I determine to stay awake today and get my test over with.)

10. Going camping this past weekend! It was our favorite trip to date. More later.

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"Goodness is the most important thing in life."

Monday, June 16, 2014

a happy list: 17

Life has been crazy! Jake is going to school and working two jobs, as well as getting ready to apply to his program. I am also going to school and working, as well as doing a research project. I actually have an interview today for a possible second job as well.

To be completely honest, I love when life is crazy. Just like, waking up and knowing that I have work, and job interview, and need to go grocery shopping, finish my interviews, study for my final, and do laundry is such an awesome feeling. I hate the feeling of wasting time, and so I think when there a lots of things to do, it makes me feel like I'm getting the most out of life. Plus, I feel like we do cooler things when we are both really busy. For example, we have been going to Slurp excessively and binge watching The Following every night when we finish our tasks for the day. Some people are probably wondering how we survive with such boring hobbies, but honestly snuggling up with a good show and munching on some goodies is one of our very favorite activities.

Hopefully this week we can both finish our current classes and escape to the mountains for some much needed camping time. In the mean time, a happy list! So many amazing things happened this week I can't even. I love human beings, so much.

[when one person at the drive thru paid for the person behind them, and that set off a chain of five people paying for people behind them / getting a bag of delicious pastries from my nice coworker / finally going to slurp and obsessing with their huckleberry diet dr. pepper and also best chocolate chip cookie i've had in utah, and also going back every day for four days / the following... enough said / the cute wedding we went to on saturday night / having two sundays off in a row / getting a job interview somewhere i've wanted a job interview for a long time / discovering the new bands: cults, wet, and the drums / finishing my first stencil (!!!) / starting bossypants and laughing my face off every page]

Friday, June 13, 2014

a love letter

Dear Slurp, thank you for literally having the most delicious chocolate chip cookies we have ever tasted, and also for having huckleberry diet dr. pepper. You truly are a gem in our lives currently.

Dear The Following, thank you for being the most intense television show we have ever seen, and for allowing us to stay up way too late watching you even though we have work early in the morning. You're one of the best we've seen in a while.

- - - - -

Monday, June 9, 2014

a happy list: 16

this video / glass animals' new album / discovering frozen bananas can be made into ice cream / granato's mint chocolate chip gelato (also, daybreak) / finally buying yoga pants and a monthly pass to our local hot yoga studio / eating the most delicious veggie burger from the cheesecake factory / going on a walk with my mom, and talking about candy crush the entire time. then coming home and talking about it for another half hour with my grandma and mom / (one of my favorite things about people is when they refer to objects as "this guy" or "this dude") the guy at best buy who kept referring to the external hard drive we were asking about as "this guy". "this guy is going to get you more storage" / my cute niece surprising me at dinner by tapping on my knee from underneath the table and giving me a heart attack /pup-uccinos at starbucks /  when jake brought me french toast at work

- - - - -

"Come into the bacon cave... Where little bacon dreams come true." -Jake

P.S. If you want to have a happy list featured here, send it to me with a picture!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

plain english: photoshop

So, mainly why I'm writing this is because I always see blogger's photos and I slightly obsess with the editing and I email them about how they do it... and they never respond, haha. So, I decided to post some of my favorite things to do to each photo, in case anyone cares haha. Photoshop has like, a billion features and it can be hard to decode everything. So, this just some basic ish that I do to most of my photos.

Ok, so here's my photo after I took it out of Camera Raw. I really love shooting in RAW, because when you upload your photo to Photoshop, it opens it in this other little window first where you can make basic edits. My favorite thing to do there is fix the exposure and the temperature. So, on the left is what it looked like after that.

Then, I like to play around with the "levels" on Photoshop and make shadows darker, midtones lighter/darker, etc. On my photos from the "Mila" post, I made everything except the subject darker. I like the ghostly look it gives. On this one I kept it simple though.

Also, I have to take on minute and get on the soap box (is that how you say that?) about composition. This photo is not my favorite in any way, because my mother took it after I got the settings set up. No offense to mothers, because this was also in the front yard of her house. So, I think it important to note that a lot of what makes a photo look good is a neat location, and good composition!

 photo 1copy_zpsf225de33.jpg

I really really like "selective color". It's awesome because you can change the hue and tones of just one color. It really is so amazing. I don't know how I lived without it before. I also like to fade my images just a little bit. I added a touch of warmth to this one, because it seemed a little too cool. 

 photo 3selectivecolorcopy_zpsf73d30c5.jpg

I added a vignette. I sometimes do this just with a paintbrush at like 5% and the color black. It's not the easiest way I'm sure, but I like the control it gives me as opposed to an official vignette tool. The image was looking a little flat to me, so I added some dimension with adjusting the curves just a bit, as well. 

 photo 6vignettecopy_zpsa6f042da.jpg

And that's mostly what I did! There might have been a few other things here and there that I missed during my documenting process, but yeah that's basically it. I like to do a little bit more if I am editing things to look more "artsy" like the photos I did with Mila, but I wanted this one to look fresh and clean since it's going on the cover of my new planner from Tiny Prints! I'm so excited to finally have a nice planner. I usually work out of ones that are five bucks at Walmart, so this is a big deal for an obsessive planner like me, haha. I also love that Jake and I are the cover! So many cute things, so many cute things.

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“Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish. Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs, something that no other species has ever aspired to do." -Richard Dawkins

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

plain english: camera settings

Alright, so I want to preface this by saying I'm not studying photography, and I'm not a photographer. However, I had to find out all of this in the most painfully slow way, so hopefully this helps you if you're wondering!

First, let's talk about gear. So, in my opinion, the camera body doesn't matter as much as your lens does. Having a lens that has a low aperture (below) is such a better investment than just having a good camera body. So, if you're saving up for something, save up for a prime lens with a low aperture! It will do wonders to your photos. Also, fixed lenses tend to be cheaper than zoom lenses (quality zoom lenses, at least). So, it's just better all around I think. The lens I use almost at all times is a Nikor 35mm f/1.8. At first it's annoying because you can't just sit there and let your zoom do all the work, but I like it better, because it makes you think more about the composition of your photos.

- - - - -

APERTURE AKA "BLURRY BACKGROUND": Basically, aperture controls how big the hole is that is letting the light into your camera. A large aperture has a big hole. A small aperture has a small hole. Pretty simple. The "f stops" are how you change your aperture. So, on your camera when it says f/16 that means the hole on the your lens is open very small. When is says f/1.8 that means the hole on your lens is open really wide. Now, aperture is important because it affects your depth of field (aka what's in focus and what isn't). Let's look at the images below.

So, the one on the left is taken with a small aperture (even though it's a bigger f stop number). A small aperture leads a a deep depth of field. Depth of field is basically  just how much you can see. In a deep depth of field (which I'm not sure is actually what it's called, it's just what I call it haha) you can see lots of stuff in the background. Look at the leaves on the tree behind Jake, you can see sooo much more than you can in the image on the right. So, now let's look at the one on the right. It looks better, doesn't it? This one is with a f/1.8. So, aka the background is blurrier.

 photo DSC_0119copy_zps530c672e.jpg

Why do you care? You should care about manipulating your depth of field, because if you're taking portraits they look much better with a blurry background. In fact, I think most things look good with a blurry background.

Warning! If you are taking a picture of a group, like a group of 50 people at a wedding, you're going to NOT want a shallow depth of field. If you shoot at a low f number (ex. 1.8) you're going to not have everyone in focus. So, make sure you are adjusting it as is necessary. If you don't have a lot of subjects, you're probably good to shoot at a low aperture (and you probably should). If you are shooting a group, make sure you're shooting at a high aperture, like 10 or something.

- - - - -

SHUTTER SPEED: So, now that you've learned about aperture, we need to use it to work with shutter speed. But first, let's talk about shutter speed. Basically, it's just how fast the camera takes the picture. So, the one on the left is taken at 1/13th of a second which is too slow to capture movement. The one on the right was taken at 1/1000th of a second, which is obviously much faster and can capture epic jumps. 

Now, let's apply aperture to shutter speed by looking at the photos below. The photo on the left was taken at 1/13th of a second, so it was letting more light in than 1/1000th of a second. If fractions confuse you, just remember that the higher the bottom number, the faster the shutter speed, kind of like a speedometer. If you're going 1000 mph you're going faster than 13 mph, haha. Anyways, so 1/13th of a second produced a nicely exposed image when it was paired with f/16. If I would have paired it with f/1.8, it would have been really bright. If I would have paired it with f/20, it would have been dark.

So, on the left we had 1/13 and f/16. When I made the shutter speed faster, it let less light in. So, to compensate for less light being let it, I had to have more light be let in somewhere else, like with aperture (aka a bigger hole). 1/1000 with f/1.8 made a nicely exposed image. 

 photo DSC_0121copy_zpsdc282886.jpg

Why do you care? Because, you're typically going to need to shoot at 1/40 to get a clear image just with natural body movement and all that jazz. If you're photographing someone running or doing sports, you're going to need an even faster shutter speed.

Fun stuff: Have you ever seen pictures of star trails? Basically they are taken with leaving the shutter open for a really long time. This is also called "long exposure" and you can do tons of cool stuff with it. Just google it and you'll discover the amazing, beautiful world of long exposure photography!

- - - - -

ISO: ISO basically just controls how much grain your image has. At least, that's how I look at it. So, it's good to keep your ISO low, but sometimes you need to make it higher if you're in low light situations. Below is a comparison of how different cameras handle different ISO levels. Look at the cabinet in the background, and you'll see grain start to appear.

 photo 100copy_zpsdb4222a2.jpg photo 200copy_zps0733fed7.jpg photo 400copy_zps43ca263d.jpg photo 800copy_zps58df10a0.jpg photo 1600copy_zpsaaa61182.jpg photo 3200copy_zpsb48f4a39.jpg photo 3200amp6200copy_zps03d3f25a.jpg

Why do I care? You should care about ISO, because it allows you to shoot in lower lighting. Just make sure you know your camera's limits and at what point it starts to get grainy. Let's say we're eating cute food at a wedding reception. It's getting late, and we want to take a picture because come on, who doesn't take pictures of cute food? So, we have a few things we can do. First of all, we can lower our aperture, because like we learned earlier, that lets more light in, and we want as much light as we can get! We also want a slower shutter speed, because that also lets more light in, but we don't want to go too slow or it will be blurry. So, let's keep it at 1/40. So, we take a picture at f/1.8, 1/40, but lo and behold it's too dark. We can make our shutter speed slower, but then our picture will be blurry. Sooooo, we will raise our ISO instead! An ISO of 100, shutter speed of 1/40, and f/1.8 produces an image that is too dark. However, if we increase our ISO to 1000, then it will be properly exposed. Observe my remote below, it's not cute food, but what can you do... So each photo was taken with the same aperture and shutter speed, they just have different ISOs.

Emmy, why do I care about any of this stuff?
Well, you shouldn't if you don't want to. However, if you have invested in a DSLR, you owe it to yourself to learn this stuff! It really does make such a difference. Also, ALWAYS SHOOT MANUAL. I can't stress that enough. It literally transforms your photos when you have complete control over everything.

I hope that all made sense and helped you out! It took me quite a while to understand everything, and I still probably don't understand a lot haha. But, those are the basic things that I have found make the biggest differences! I wish someone would have done a blog post like this when I was a wee child lost in the the big world of DSLR language, so hopefully this helped you out! And if it just made you more confused, remember there is always google and youtube that are so awesome for understanding things like this.

Let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any personal camera tricks you like! I love getting new tips!

- - - - -

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

the best panini recipe

Best chicken pomodori panini recipe here. It's a copycat of the one at Corner Bakery. If you're vegetarian, just skip the chicken and add extra tomatoes! We're obsessing over it.

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"Do you know what you'll smell like the most? Milk. Cats will love you."

Monday, June 2, 2014

a happy list: 15

First of all I would like to apologize to mobile readers and the horribleness of the cut off that was happening. I assure you the first word of each line wasn't too important, but it has finally been brought to my attention and fixed. Why don't people tell people about things earlier? Haha. So, sorry if that has been something that you though was because of your phone or iPad. It was my fault.

So, I'm not sure why I stopped doing this. I think probably just because college life is the worst sometimes. But, I really liked the way it made me view the world. So, happy lists are back in action. Except, I'm going to post them on Mondays, because I just feel bad for Monday. Everybody hates Monday, and it's so sad. So, Monday's will be my new happy list days. It will be like a small friendship.

1.) Mac lipstick
3.) Jake calling me "little bacon"
4.) My grandma coming into town!
5.) Quiche (the fanciest food IMO) from Trellis Cafe
6.) Getting compliments from strangers while working
7.) Laying on top of Jake and studying while he was studying.
8.) The stray dog that followed me and Trixie home from our walk.
9.) Getting a bag of twenty-something day old pastries from work (!!!!!)
10.) Finally figuring out how to get my bangs to stay, but not look grossly crisp

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

june playlist

Remember Music Mondays? Well ain't no one got time for that. But, monthly is manageable. Also, I love when people post playlists. So, post playlists. Or at least give me some of your favorite songs lately. I've been struggling to find new stuff!

(Pictures from our beautiful drive home over the mountain the other day. Utah is a beautiful place!)

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"The fun thing is we can like eat it together, ya know." -Jake (referring to a snow cone)