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Monday, May 5, 2014

 photo 1a0088b7-a3d7-43a5-ae57-fb4052900332_zpsddd1f239.jpg

Is anyone else annoyed with the quality blogger gives photographs? I hate it, because it always makes them look grainy and like, weirdly sharpened? Maybe it's just me.

Anyways. These are from a little test shoot me and my friend did the other day. I wasn't using my own camera, so things were a little shaky, but I just ordered a new one! So, I'm excited to go back when I shoot bridals! I think the field is sooo pretty and works so well as a location.

If you want pictures done for graduation, engagements, wedding, etc., shoot me an email! I don't have like, a pricing list or anything. But, just shoot me and email and we can work something out.

I've decided to plow through packets this summer. So, wish me luck! I'm struggling with my current one, just because I don't really understand the professor's grading style yet, but I'm determining that today and then hopefully I'll be done by the end of the week. On to the next!

But really, I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to figure out if I'm actually capable of what I think I'm capable of. I feel like that was what upset me the most with not getting financial aid or a job, just never know... (side note: I was going to type "knowing" but literally in the middle of typing it, I got a phone call for a job interview. Ha! But anyways...) just never knowing if I can do what I think I can do, or if I'm just dreaming big. So, I'm excited to have the opportunity to be able to graduate on my 21st birthday. I'm excited to see if I can do what I think I can do.

Little bit of a tangent there... but I guess I'm just excited to *hopefully* graduate on my birthday, and more so that I have the opportunity to actually do it (if I dedicate myself enough).

Lots of words today, apparently.

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  1. Super cute!!! Also I know exactly what you mean with blogger screwing up photo quality!!! That's why I use photobucket as my uploader. :)

  2. beautiful photos, lady! that field IS dreamy (as is that dress + hat --- swooning!)
    congrats on the new camera, big dreams, and big realities.


  3. Some thing that might help is if you size the photo the exact size it's going to appear on the blog, and picking "original size" when you upload it into the blog post. That way it doesn't weirdly sharpen anything because it's adjusting the size automatically. Does that make sense? It's helped me!

    & congrats on *hopefully* graduating! that's soo exciting, and following your dreams! I can't wait to be graduated so I can just go for it. I hope it's everything you ever wanted/needed!

  4. Maybe you should use flickr! I do that for all my posts and copy and paste the url of each photo. These photos are gorgeous. I wish we had fields like this in New Mexico. I doubt they exist in Arizona. I'd love to take my maternity photos some place like this.
    What camera did you order?

  5. I thought is was just my pictures...blogger is going the same thing to mine also! Ugh! I hate it! Your pictures look gorgeous! Love the pretty setting!



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