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new york: day three

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We started off the day with church! (And no, I did not see Love, Taza, haha.) All of the people who gave talks were like, stand up comedians. It was awesome. Afterwards, I tried to get a picture with the Empire Hotel (Gossip Girl, anyone?) but we couldn't see the entrance and we were all pretty hungry, so my mother-in-law snapped one from afar and we left to lunch.

We went to a place called Juniors, but unfortunately they were done serving breakfast. Does anyone else have that weird thing where you have to like, eat something fresh or light for the first meal of the day? Like, I can't just eat a straight up burrito or something heavy like that. Like, it needs to be breakfast-y or light. So, I got some chocolate milk and a bagel. It was really funny, because everyone else's proportions were like, grossly large. That's America for you!

The rest of the group headed back to the hotel to take a nap, so we decided to go explore central park. We happened upon the restaurant Jake founded on the way there. (Kidding.)

The observatory garden was pretty neat! I was partially sad that there weren't any colorful flowers or anything of that, but it was really green. I felt like we were in a Jane Austen movie or something.

I watched Felicity a lot freshman year (They took if off Netflix before I could finish, the series. Darn! Does Felicity end up with Ben or Noel???), so Dean and Deluca was a must. It turns out it's like a small grocery store. I took a picture in there and then some girl politely informed me there wasn't any photography allowed? Ha! Strange things.

This was debatably my favorite food item from the whole trip. It was the best chocolate croissant I have ever eaten. OBSESSED. Honestly, what food combination is better than chocolate and croissants? I die.

We decided to feast on the steps on the Met, because we were already in the area and also I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl, so naturally. 

This dude was obsessing over my croissant crumbs.

Pretty lunch views!

For dinner we went to this place that was supposed to have the best noodles in all of New York! Jake went on his mission to Japan so he's a little noodle expert.

They didn't have any noodles that weren't in chicken broth, so I got some vegetable pot stickers and a creation from the kitchen. Jake's a little bit more into the Japanese food than I am, but I thought it was pretty good!! 

We grabbed some treats from Magnolia Bakery after dinner to get our chocolate fix.

Can I fangirl about this cupcake for a minute? It was literally so good. Like, it was the most perfect fluffy cake and the FROSTING WAS PERFECT. It was like, cocoa-y tasting? I don't even know. But, it really was the best cupcake I've ever eaten. I loved that they didn't create a frosting mountain, so you can actually bite into it, ya know?

We ate our cupcakes while walking around the Rockefeller building. We saw one of the statues that we had to memorize for our mythology class, so that was neat. We were pretty thoroughly convinced we would never use mythology in our everyday lives, so what do you know.

A picture of times square, because apparently that's the tourist thing to do.

Jake and his brother-in-law wanted to watch Lone Survivor, so me and my two sisters-in-law watched I, Frankenstein. It was entertaining, I guess. I mainly don't understand why they made a Frankenstein movie like that? Like, why didn't they just stick to the original story? Who knows.

All in all, day three was a major success!

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  1. I am loving your New York posts!! More! More! I'm so jealous ha ha. This looks like a blast!

  2. You should have gone inside the met! That was one of my favorite parts of NY. Also, I love the photo of the painter in the park and the one of that bicycle.
    p.s. Aren't the pigeons there crazy? They DON'T budge, haha.


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