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adventure: dreamathon

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The other weekend we went to the Dreamathon in Salt lake and it was literally so cool! Basically there was an abandoned school that they let 150 artists come in and just do whatever. I didn't think it would be like, street art style, but it was! We decided it was the coolest art exhibit we have been to in a while.

Jake calls me "little bacon" now and it is my favorite thing in the world. Don't ask where bacon came from, because I don't even know.

"Dead cat society" hahahahah. I love it. I love it so much.

So, can we focus on how weird this wall-face is? Jake thought it was super creepy. I partially agree, but it's almost too creative to be creepy, ya know? Like gosh that horse-nose... I don't even know where people get these ideas, but thank heavens they do. 

The rainbow stairs were one of my favorite things! I hope one day when we have little bebes we can have some sweet rainbow stairs going to their room, or playroom, or something.

We saw this artist at a gallery stroll a while ago, and he was displayed at the dreamathon! He's Jake's favorite, so needless to say he was a happy camper. 

Ok, this room was my very favorite. It was so neat. The walls were all like the above, except in different colors. Also, the floor was a calendar. Soooo cool. 

Ok, this room probably doesn't look super cool, but it was! Everything was white except for like, certain spots. It was amazing! It was like, a small school heaven. 

This room had like, flower lights on the wall, and when you looked through the little plastic cards, it made them go all crazy. 

Hahahaha I love these. This was like a triangle tube, and you took a picture from the other end with a flash, and it turned out like this! How awesome!

I feel it's important to note that the people who participated in the Dreamathon are purely genius and we are literally so happy that it happened. Also, we are sad that it's over, but we really hope they do something like it again.

I've never been to an exhibit that was so inspiring! All I want to do now is make some cute stencils for our room. 

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  1. I LOVE that all white room!! And The kaleidoscope photos made me laugh. I hope you print out all these photos of your adventures together. Also CONFETTI.

  2. Ooh, what a fun idea! I never would have thought of creating that kind of art exhibit before but I love it. I can only imagine how fun it was to take photos there and explore the space, too. I really love that white room--the splashes of color in that classroom are amazing!


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