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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

There are few things I love more than driving in the rain. Probably only driving at night beats that. But, anyways. The drive to the reception we went to on Friday was soooo beautiful. For just one minute it felt like we weren't in Utah. All the pine trees and the rainy weather made it easy to imagine we were on the road in Washington somewhere. 

Lately I've been feeling extremely trapped here. I really like Utah, and I like living here. But, I just feel like it's time for a change. I feel like that change is going to take a while with us having to finish college and all, but gosh I can't wait until we are done and can just move anywhere in the world. I would love to end up in Washington D.C. or somewhere over there. Somewhere in England, Australia, or Japan even. Just somewhere other than where I've been my entire life.

I guess all of that is just more motivation to buckle down and get everything done. I think online classes this summer will help a lot with moving forward in life. Hopefully a job, too. Also, we're taking a couple trips, so that will be fun. I really hope we will be able to get a week or two off from life and road trip to the oregon coast and camp along it. Summer is for exploring! 

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  1. Those are beautiful pictures!! Whenever I have wanderlust, it's always for London. I wish I could explore those streets for days on end!

  2. When did you say you were going to ABQ this summer?

  3. I always dream about the day when Jer and I will have to move somewhere for his graduate program. Can't wait for that adventure.

    ps. did I ever tell you how cute your blog is looking now-a-days with your new design? love it.


  4. im with you. i cant wait to see somewhere new.


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