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phantogram. yi!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

*I reverted this to a draft cause it was getting spam comments, but fixed the spam and am publishing it again, so hopefully this doesn't show up anywhere! Sorry if it does! It's an old post!*

Currently taking a break from Psychological Testing. Sometimes it's just too much, ya know? I did pretty good on my test yesterday, so I'm feelin' good. But, at the same time if I would have bombed it I would have had wayyyyy more motivation to study today than I actually do. Ha! Anyways, it turns out I have more time to study than I accounted for in my Finals Week Plans, so I thought I'd post some pictures from our outings lately!

This first picture is accidentally the only picture I took at Les Miserables! But, it was an awesome performance. Jean Valjean and Javert were seriously so good! Plus Jake had to wear his glasses so it was a cute plus to the night ;)

So, I'm forever complaining about the zoom length of my 35mm, because I can't flip it around and take pictures. However, while cleaning out my desk, I found my old fisheye attachment! It is less fisheye than most, so it works pretty well for taking pictures of ourselves without having to ask someone else to!

On our way to the Phantogram concert!!

Are we the only ones who get $1 McDonald's drinks way too often? So good. So good.

And finally the concert! These pictures are courtesy of my friend, Alena. My small arms couldn't get any good shots. We were in the third row, but people started going crazy 4 or 5 songs in, and I'm pretty small so I was getting thrown all over the place haha. So, we escaped to the back and stood on a cement block and watched the rest. It was sooo good. I'm literally so happy I saw them at Kilby Court (a garage made into a venue) all those years ago. I remember standing like two feet away from Josh and watching them play an amazing show! Here they are, all these years later (ok, like five) and they are doing sold out shows and touring everywhere. I feel like a proud mom, haha.

It was a great night! More bands need to come to Utah! Agreed? My favorite is when they come to 21+ venues... not. Haha. Literally, that's the only reason I'm excited to turn 21. No concerts will be off limits to me anymore!

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  1. You guys are seriously too adorable! And I love the idea of a garage that they turned into a music venue. It feels like every old garage + auto repair shop has been turned into a coffeehouse out here and it's just the neatest vibe :)

  2. who is that guy staring back in the photographs at the end? seriously creepy.

    xo. m.

  3. you guys are too cute! lovely pictures :) and study breaks are very necessary, i totally get it! even during study days, i live for my coffee and lunch breaks, haha. keeps you from going insane and throwing my books out of the window ;)
    xo, cheyenne

  4. It's really great when you turn 21 and can go to any show you want. It's also fun to not get those x's on your hands. And it's even better when there is a drinking and a non-drinking section and you can hang out in the drinking section only because it's worth it to not be around as many people.

    I'm jealous that you saw Les Miz :| Ryan and I are fans. He's a bigger fan.

    Also I feel like I should listen to Phantogram. Mixed CDs are welcomed my way.

  5. Phantogram is great! You guys look cute :)


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