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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I ordered some really fine tips and bottles, so now I can do awesome henna! I need some more ideas of things to do. I think once it gets warmed and swimming-weather I am going to do a cool one on my thigh, I just don't know what to do!

Trixie was so cute. She was sleeping inbetween the couch and the footstool. Like, it's cute, but it's also a pretty good example of how lazy she is. I'm not sure if she was sleeping there because she thought it was comfortable, or if it was because she was too lazy to get up and move somewhere that wasn't eating her alive. Haha.

Drank some delicious italian sodas with the fam! Working at all of these coffee shops has surely paid off in my ability to make delicious homemade drinks.

Henna by Jake! Also, randomly ran into a booth at school that was giving out cotton candy, popcorn, and root beer for free. I was on my way to buy candy, so it was basically a miracle.

Cute things on the way to school! I really hope to live in a colored house someday. They are so cute.

Midweek break with a Jazz game! I've never been super into sports, but I do like basketball because it's so fast paced. None of that waiting around shiz, ya know.

It also doesn't help that this old man buys us ice cream every time we go. Literally the cutest thing.

Went to Idaho for the weekend to see my lovely sister-in-law graduate! It was awesome, because her department was the college of fine arts, so it was basically like going to a talent show. Definitely not a boring night.

Playing around with low lighting! My camera is so old it can't handle ISO bigger than 800 without doing this... so horrible! I need to borrow my sister's and see if it does any better. I am probably just going to have to invest in a flash. I hear some of the really nice cameras can do like 10,000 ISO no prob! That's craziness. I would probably die of happiness to own one of those. 

And as for the rest of our week... we will be taking finals and moving! Our finals end the 23rd at 10:00 p.m. (well, that's the last opportunity to take them anyways) and then we have to be moved out of our apartment the next day by noon! Eek! We haven't even started because the end of the semester and finals have been so crazy. You can bet we will be pulling and all-nighter! Music recommendations, anyone? It's times like these that I wish I liked energy drinks. Bleck. Candy and diet coke will do!

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  1. i love your hennas. they rock. also, i pass that cute yellow house everyday on my way home & it makes my day. i love that picture of it!

  2. I just found your blog and wow, I love it! Yay, new follower! HI!

    Oh my gosh, your hennas are awesome! :) I've been wanting to get another tattoo super bad so I'm thinking that henna might be the way to go...for now ;) Can I ask what brand/where you got your henna stuff from? Good luck for finals and moving! I think now is the time to take up a serious coffee addiction ;)


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