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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


There are few things I love more than driving in the rain. Probably only driving at night beats that. But, anyways. The drive to the reception we went to on Friday was soooo beautiful. For just one minute it felt like we weren't in Utah. All the pine trees and the rainy weather made it easy to imagine we were on the road in Washington somewhere. 

Lately I've been feeling extremely trapped here. I really like Utah, and I like living here. But, I just feel like it's time for a change. I feel like that change is going to take a while with us having to finish college and all, but gosh I can't wait until we are done and can just move anywhere in the world. I would love to end up in Washington D.C. or somewhere over there. Somewhere in England, Australia, or Japan even. Just somewhere other than where I've been my entire life.

I guess all of that is just more motivation to buckle down and get everything done. I think online classes this summer will help a lot with moving forward in life. Hopefully a job, too. Also, we're taking a couple trips, so that will be fun. I really hope we will be able to get a week or two off from life and road trip to the oregon coast and camp along it. Summer is for exploring! 

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

wedding season

I don't know about the rest of the world, but wedding season is in full bloom here in little ole Utah County. We're going to a reception next week, 2 in June, 1 in July, and 1 in August (that I'm super excited to be photographing!). I'm probably forgetting a couple, but gosh dang! I'm excited! We recently went to a wedding, and I decided to borrow my sister's camera that can actually handle ISO and do some practice shots for the wedding I'm shooting in August.

Wedding-attending essentials! Gotta have those girl scout cookies, am I right? Also, am I the only one who can only handle heels when they are in the form of wedges? I need to start woman-ing it up.

Ok, I am obsessed with Jake's teeth. Like, his front teeth are so cute. I can't even handle it sometimes. This is probably my second favorite photo of them... as strange as that sounds haha.

Probably one of the few selfies we have taken. Only using a 35mm lens can do that to you.

Cute husband who holds my bag when I'm too much of a wimp. #reasonswhyilovehim

It was raining when we drove up to the reception, so naturally I ended up taking like a million pictures of the mountains. I've decided to break it up a lil' bit though. So... part 2 coming soon!

In other news, finals went pretty well. I'm glad their done, and I really only didn't do good on one of them. However, I spoke up about my feelings pertaining to the test, so we'll see if they get curved or changed. Sidenote: always speak up about things you feel are unfair, because most of the time the professor just didn't realize they had that many crazy hard options. Speaking up can really do good!

Now I just have to wait to see if I get a job and then I'll start on packets! If not then it's back to school for this sista.

But anyways! Life is good.
Don't let people push you around or make you feel bad about yourself.
Define yourself by your own opinion of yourself and not other's!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

annoying things that have happened

Yesterday was not a good day in the non-annoying department. I feel like I need to address the issue of having no food in our apartment. We are moving tonight, so I didn't want to have to pack like a million food things and have my produce get all bruised and disgusting. So, we decided to just live off what we have currently. It's a fun game we like to play called "Let's See How Long We Can Go Without Grocery Shopping". There is also "Let's See How Long We Can Go Without Spending Money". My favorite is the first. Jake's favorite is the last.

Observe below, the pressed tofu with bread crumbs. Also observe the bite taken out of the one on the right. That bite was the only bite that was enjoyed. And even then, only because it was the first.

School is over though. Who wants to hang out?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I really suck at taking pictures. I always forget. I bring my camera everywhere, but rarely use it haha. These are some my sister took when the babies were having their easter egg hunt. Awesomely enough, we had an "adult easter egg hunt" later that day and scored some mega candy and even some money eggs! I'm glad my brother-in-law is so kidlike... sometimes, haha. But, anyways, we got some cute easter baskets from both my mom and Jake's mom. So, overall a good day in my book.

We are trying to not buy any food until we move, so basically we have been living off of vending machines, candy, and fast food. Healthy over here.

One more final left and then I'm FREE. So excited. So excited. I made a day in the life video, but then realized it's horrible quality so it will not be appearing on here. I need a new camera body. Preferably one that has video capability and good ISO quality. Any opinions? I'm leaning towards the Nikon D5200 or D7100. But, who knows. Not me.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

phantogram. yi!

*I reverted this to a draft cause it was getting spam comments, but fixed the spam and am publishing it again, so hopefully this doesn't show up anywhere! Sorry if it does! It's an old post!*

Currently taking a break from Psychological Testing. Sometimes it's just too much, ya know? I did pretty good on my test yesterday, so I'm feelin' good. But, at the same time if I would have bombed it I would have had wayyyyy more motivation to study today than I actually do. Ha! Anyways, it turns out I have more time to study than I accounted for in my Finals Week Plans, so I thought I'd post some pictures from our outings lately!

This first picture is accidentally the only picture I took at Les Miserables! But, it was an awesome performance. Jean Valjean and Javert were seriously so good! Plus Jake had to wear his glasses so it was a cute plus to the night ;)

So, I'm forever complaining about the zoom length of my 35mm, because I can't flip it around and take pictures. However, while cleaning out my desk, I found my old fisheye attachment! It is less fisheye than most, so it works pretty well for taking pictures of ourselves without having to ask someone else to!

On our way to the Phantogram concert!!

Are we the only ones who get $1 McDonald's drinks way too often? So good. So good.

And finally the concert! These pictures are courtesy of my friend, Alena. My small arms couldn't get any good shots. We were in the third row, but people started going crazy 4 or 5 songs in, and I'm pretty small so I was getting thrown all over the place haha. So, we escaped to the back and stood on a cement block and watched the rest. It was sooo good. I'm literally so happy I saw them at Kilby Court (a garage made into a venue) all those years ago. I remember standing like two feet away from Josh and watching them play an amazing show! Here they are, all these years later (ok, like five) and they are doing sold out shows and touring everywhere. I feel like a proud mom, haha.

It was a great night! More bands need to come to Utah! Agreed? My favorite is when they come to 21+ venues... not. Haha. Literally, that's the only reason I'm excited to turn 21. No concerts will be off limits to me anymore!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

guest post: jessi

School is almost out! Like, I can't remember what it's like to have free time. By this time next week I will be at a wedding enjoying delicious foods, knowing that I am done with school and moving. Probably there will be tons of unpacking to do, BUT THE GLASS IS HALF FULL. I will be able to get back to normal every day stuff like teen soaps, breakfast, and taking pictures of nothing. Ya know.

Anyways, today's guest post is by Jessi! I love her blog, because her style is ah-mazing. Like, for real. She's the closest to my style as far as bloggers go, so I love getting ideas from her. Plus, can we just verbally agree that her hair is beautiful?! I'm so jealous!! Anyways, without further ado...

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sheinside, anniversary, floral 276

Hey friends! I'm filling in for Emmy today.

Glad she asked, she's one of the coolest people I know. We've actually only met in real life a couple times but reading her blog makes me feel like I know her.... you know how that works! Anywho, I blog over at Haircut & General Attitude about my daily style and little bits of life. I'm also a bank teller during the day (so exciting I know) and this is what I wore to work the other day. Pretty simple look, but this skirt is so awesome it doesn't need much dressing up. I'm a sucker for anything floral, including floral crowns and fresh bouquets. I'm also a sucker for these "rock" necklaces - or whatever they're called. I think I'm starting a collection. I might just wear them all at once sometime. When I like something I tend to get carried away, haha. In kind of the same sense I tend to throw too many standout pieces together sometimes so I've been trying to kind of simplify my style lately. A knotted white t-shirt and some neutral heels finished this look off nicely. (and my favorite frames since my eyes are boycotting my contacts lately)

sheinside, anniversary, floral 297
sheinside, anniversary, floral 337
sheinside, anniversary, floral 315
PicMonkey Collage1
sheinside, anniversary, floral 320

Outfit Details:
Skirt - H&M
Tee - Downeast
Necklaces - Craft fair // c/o Olive Deer
Bag - Target
Frames - Firmoo
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Do you see what I mean?! Ah-mazing. Anyways, thanks Jessi for posting! Good luck to all of you who are battling final exams and projects. The end is near!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

life lately

I ordered some really fine tips and bottles, so now I can do awesome henna! I need some more ideas of things to do. I think once it gets warmed and swimming-weather I am going to do a cool one on my thigh, I just don't know what to do!

Trixie was so cute. She was sleeping inbetween the couch and the footstool. Like, it's cute, but it's also a pretty good example of how lazy she is. I'm not sure if she was sleeping there because she thought it was comfortable, or if it was because she was too lazy to get up and move somewhere that wasn't eating her alive. Haha.

Drank some delicious italian sodas with the fam! Working at all of these coffee shops has surely paid off in my ability to make delicious homemade drinks.

Henna by Jake! Also, randomly ran into a booth at school that was giving out cotton candy, popcorn, and root beer for free. I was on my way to buy candy, so it was basically a miracle.

Cute things on the way to school! I really hope to live in a colored house someday. They are so cute.

Midweek break with a Jazz game! I've never been super into sports, but I do like basketball because it's so fast paced. None of that waiting around shiz, ya know.

It also doesn't help that this old man buys us ice cream every time we go. Literally the cutest thing.

Went to Idaho for the weekend to see my lovely sister-in-law graduate! It was awesome, because her department was the college of fine arts, so it was basically like going to a talent show. Definitely not a boring night.

Playing around with low lighting! My camera is so old it can't handle ISO bigger than 800 without doing this... so horrible! I need to borrow my sister's and see if it does any better. I am probably just going to have to invest in a flash. I hear some of the really nice cameras can do like 10,000 ISO no prob! That's craziness. I would probably die of happiness to own one of those. 

And as for the rest of our week... we will be taking finals and moving! Our finals end the 23rd at 10:00 p.m. (well, that's the last opportunity to take them anyways) and then we have to be moved out of our apartment the next day by noon! Eek! We haven't even started because the end of the semester and finals have been so crazy. You can bet we will be pulling and all-nighter! Music recommendations, anyone? It's times like these that I wish I liked energy drinks. Bleck. Candy and diet coke will do!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

guest post: beverly

I'm so excited about this guest post, because Beverly was my very first blogging friend! Plus, she's the only blogging friend I've met in real life (who I didn't know before). She's basically awesome and an awesome photographer and also a fellow vegetarian. Yay for fellow vegetarians. Anyways, she's really cool and I'm so happy she agreed to post! School is forever crazy. Without further ado... here's Beverly!

Hello readers of Some Girl! I'm Beverly and I blog over at What a Day. I've seen these lists popping up around the blogosphere and I am not the type of person to wait around to be "tagged" in order to post my own. I'm such a rebel.

10 things you should know if we're going to be BFFs:
  1. I still watch cartoons and I will always watch cartoons. My favorites right now are Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe (basically Cartoon Network knows what's up), Bob's Burgers, Frozen, and Bee and Puppycat. Also I really like anime.... 
  2. I love cartoons because I laugh at everything. I will probably make you feel like a comedian. 
  3. I am a night owl. I'm like a little kid that never wants to go to bed on time. 
  4. I cannot listen to country music. It's just not my taste. Unless it's Taylor Swift or Johnny Cash. 
  5. I'll want to introduce you to new music and I'll expect you to do the same for me. Also, I would love to be the DJ if we ever go on road trips. 
  6. I love musicals and I love to sing along. Please don't be too annoyed if we're watching one and I sing every word. This happens especially when watching The Nightmare Before Christmas or Across the Universe.
  7. If we ever exercise together, don't judge me too harshly on my lack of athleticism.  
  8. My house is messy. If you come over unexpectedly, prepare yourself. 
  9. I like to read, but I'm not a bookworm. (I wish I were.) Please refer me to your favorite books! This is the only way I will actually read. 
  10. I'm having a baby in September. We can still be friends, right? 
Other rando facts about me: I love hugs! But I'll respect your space if you don't. I'm a photographer, so let me practice on you. I'm married. We're moving to Arizona in June. I have the biggest sweet tooth with the cavities to prove it. (I guess I'm not too proud about that.)

I want to tag everyone to answer these questions, too. Go for it! And maybe make a link to your posts here in the comment section so I can come back and look through them.

- - - - -

I'm definitely making a list! Thanks Beverly!
Be sure to check her out!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

weekend: corner bakery

So I ordered these bottles with attachable tips on Amazon, and they do the most beautiful henna! You know usually the stream is really thick? Well, that's always bothered me, because I've only ever wanted a pine tree and it's been pretty much impossible. I did this in the car while waiting for Jake, and I love the way it turned out! I'm obsessed now and just want to henna every part of my body!

Afterwards, we went to Corner Bakery to celebrate Jake killin' it. He got an internship, and a 98% on his finance test in one day! Killin' it. It was super good! I've never been there before, and I was obsessing with their baby bundt cakes. Like, anything smaller than the normal size is already incredibly cute, ya know? But like, inserting "baby" in the title kills me. I die.

After dinner we went to The Wall to see one of my friend's bands play! It was really fun. I love watching like, beginning bands. They have such a cute air about them. You know they are just like, dying with happiness to be playing for a crowd at last, ya know? 

Here goes the start of another week of school! Ah!

- - - - -

P.S. Trying to earn money for packets so I can graduate in December! So, mini shoots for $50! 50 edited images on a disc:) email me if you're interested! Click the "photography" tab to see my email address and past shoots!