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Sunday, March 9, 2014

I was so pleased to see these beautiful trees lining the sidewalk! Then, as we walked closer I realized that, to my horror, they are fake! Why would you choose fake plastic trees (Radiohead, anyone?) that are forever in the color of fall? I mean, is it that hard to plant real trees? Haha. 

I really wanted to buy one of these from Unhinged, but then it came to me that landlines probably won't exist in the future! Sucks for us...

So, on Friday we went to Sodalicious and the art stroll for date night. It was really nice because we just walked from our apartment. I got a hazelnut hot chocolate and Jake got a Your Mom. Haha. I can't remember what the flavors were or what the soda was for his, but it was really good! I want to try a Hot Lava next time. Apparently it's like hot chocolate except made with something that makes it really creamy? I'm not sure. OH. And also you can just drive through this place! How fun! I'm excited to go back and try more drinks! They have so many different combinations. I can't stop laughing at this picture, because it reminds me so much of this picture!!

The art stroll was really fun. The wall of stencils is continually growing! I wish somebody would do a huge wheatpaste, but alas. My favorite artists of the night were Paula Brave (pictured above at Muse Music Cafe) and Lisa Marie Crosby (displayed currently at Covey Center for the Arts). I loved the morbidity Paula Brave gave everyday characters. I think I'm pretty much alone in my love for dark, morbid artwork, but that doesn't make me love it any less! My favorite piece of hers was the top right painting of a city. I also LOVED the abstract work Lisa Marie Crosby did. I would sell my legs for Words Unseen.

It was a great weekend overall! We caught up on some much needed sleep and watched some SUPERB episodes of The X-Files. Now, back to the books!

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  1. Ah! There's Bee and Puppycat fan art up there! And I want that red tree. I think it's a good idea because autumn leaves don't stick around for very long, haha.

    1. Haha good point, I guess. Mainly I feel like it's weird that they are fake. Like, why would they not just put real trees out there? Maybe the person who designed it just really loves Autumn ahah.

  2. i love that you went to sodalicious! we found out about it a few weeks ago & have been obsessed. (ps--tried a hot lava on saturday night, SO GOOD! it's like half hot chocolate, half pudding. it got an A+)

    1. Ah really?! Ok I am going to get it next time!!


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