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Elaine French Bakery

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Excuse me while I die from happiness. I forgot how much I love the french bakery. Especially now that they have macarons! Today I got Paris-Brest, and a chocolate and strawberry macaron. If you live close to Orem, go! It's owned by the nicest, cutest french guy!

Paris-Brest was delicious! I couldn't eat the whole thing. Good thing cute husbands exist, right?

I've only had the strawberry macaron so far, but OH MY it was delicious. Trust me, I tasted pretty much every macaron in Utah Valley for my wedding, so I know when they are good. Haha.

And finally, the most delicious breakfast that I am forever obsessed with. Toast with avocado, scrambled egg, and salt, with apples and milk. YUM. The thing I like the most about this semester is my mornings. I don't have school until 11 or 12 every day, so I have sooooo much time in the morning. I love having my slow morning routine! 

Does anyone else watch Bates Motel? I had to stop watching One Tree Hill for a little while, because I was getting incredible bored of the constant crying and drama. So, I started Bates Hotel thinking it would be a whatever-show, but it's actually really good! I'm a sucker for horror though, especially good horror. So, seeing the life of Norman Bates as a kid is really interesting! I find myself trying to diagnose everyone in the show to practice my disorder knowledge, haha.

I never know how to end posts. Like, I feel weird just ending without saying bye, but then it's like, why do I need to say bye? This isn't human interaction. Maybe I will just start ending it when I run out of things to say. Like, in those post I would have just ended after the previous paragraph. It just feels mean when I do that, ya know? Like I envision it as me going up to someone, talking a bunch, and then just walking away. Ah! Maybe I am over thinking this.

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  1. okay why don't you ever take me on these adventures? cause I totally want to try new places.

    xo. m.

  2. yum yum yum. looks amazing!
    xo, cheyenne


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