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life as of late: food 4 dayz

Monday, March 3, 2014

Do you ever get like, mega into cooking? I get on these streaks where I loveeeee cooking, and then I get on these streaks where I hateeee cooking. Right now, I love it.

We were going to go camping on Friday (keyword: were), so I packed our cooler with cute foods like bruschetta and crepes and cute bottles of root beer. We had suspicions the roads might not be open yet, and shortly after departing with a car full of camping gear we happened upon this lovely sight...

It was fine though, because it only took us five minutes to get there. So, we just went home and ate all of our delicious food! It was quite great. We went and saw The Book Thief later that night. I didn't really know what it was about, but it was amazing! If you live in Provo, definitely go to the dollar theatre. They have new seats that are like heaven for your bum. 

I have also been obsessing with Pop 'N Sweets! YOU HAVE TO GO THERE. It's amazing. Like, seriously stand up right this minute and get over there! They have sooooo much candy and soda! I have decided to set limits for myself and say once a week, one candy and soda per visit. So, this was this week's! 

This was a "Pop Shoppe" soda. My mom was telling me that you used to be able to take your empty Pop Shoppe cans into The Poppe Shop, and they would fill it up for you with any flavor of soda you wanted! Why don't they exist anymore! :(

The grape soda was delicious! And in the cutest bottle to exist. I've decided to not purchase things that have strange titles like last week's soda. Haha. Oh, and how awesome is that candy bar? I was chocolate and mint, and as you can see, the mint was aerated! It was really good. Sort of like an Andes Mint, except fluffier? (Shout out to my new macro filters that I am obsessed with.) (Shout out to my new husband that got me the macro filters that I am obsessed with so I am obsessed with him.)

I made this recipe for dinner, and they were delicious! (I left out the beans and mushrooms, and used fresh tomato instead of canned.) I had two... well, one and three quarters? Tofu is so gosh darn filling. 

A meat one for the bebe. :). I wasn't ever worried about being vegetarian while my husband was not, and everyone kept asking me "Are you going to start eating meat? Are you going to make Jake be vegetarian? What are you going to do?" and honestly, it's been super easy! Mainly, because we live off of Mac & Cheese, quesadillas, chili (Jake), and cereal. So, there's not a whole lotta cookin' that happens in this household. But, I have yet to encounter a recipe that couldn't work for the both of us!

And lastly, a cute picture I found of us (printing off some new pictures! yi! goodbye wedding pictures everywhere!) while waiting to be seated at The Melting Pot prior to marriage. I have no idea who took it, but I like the way it turned out. It's sort of like a beautiful accident, ya know?

We also saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty over the weekend and grabbed a bite at Pizza Pie Cafe. Not a bad weekend... not bad at all. Now, we just need those roads to open so we can start befriending the wilderness!

- - - - -

P.S. If you haven't discovered Barcelona, please go listen to their Fall In Love album right now. It is seriously so amazing. I have been taking a break from Music Mondays because life is cray.


  1. That chocolate foam-like substance actually looks kind of delicious! It reminds me of the Hershey's 'air delight' candy bar - which is good in a totally weird 'I like to eat styrofoam' kind of way.

    1. Ah yeah I've totally had one of those and they are very strange indeed. This one wasn't quite as foamy, mainly it just was like normal chocolate mint that had been shaped like that. Like it didn't taste as weird ya know? Lol

  2. so much delicious food here! i wish that candy/soda shop was near me...but maybe not because i don't think i could stay away!


    1. Gosh seriously! It's all I can do to limit it to once a week!

  3. did you love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as much as I did? I'm pretty sure it changed my life .

    xo. m.

    1. Yes! I loved the artsy way they did things with like the credits and stuff. It made me want to travel really bad too! Haha


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