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hiking the y

Monday, March 24, 2014

So, on Friday we hiked the Y! It's pretty much the stereotypical thing to do when in Provo. Haha. It was fun finally doing it! When I say fun, I definitely mean I whined the whole way up and had to take a break at each switchback (out of shape much?) BUT when we got to the top it was so beautiful! Forgive the picture overload that is about to happen. It's was just so pretty! Hopefully one day I can do it without being such a baby, haha. But, it was definitely worth it!

Special thanks to my oh so lovely husband for planning a great date night!

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  1. Okay I didn't see this post until now but we totally hiked the Y yesterday. I've done it before but I was definitely dying too. I almost died at the last hill.

  2. aww, those pictures of you two are so cute :) and what a great date idea, i love hikes!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. Oh wow, such incredible views!

  4. seriously awesome pictures! you are darling!


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