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finished photoshoot!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Special thanks to the lovely Madi for being my model! My favorite ones are the dark ones on the grass. I just love the feeling they have to them and the way the lighting turned out.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep doing the $100, so make sure to email me if you are interested. I'm about to mega buckle down in school so I can graduate in December (woot!), so yay for that, but goodbye to free time. It will be worth it though. I'm really excited to finish up and get employed!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You've got talent!

  2. I love the use of primary colors in these. So clever. (:

    xo. M.

    1. Haha it definitely wasn't some I did intentionally, but it turned out working!

  3. WHERE is this location? That blue is to die for.



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