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Monday, March 31, 2014


Jake took this picture the other day while at my brother-in-law's car dealership. I figure it's fitting for this post, ahaha. So, just imagine that I have that face while talking about issues 1 and 2.

Issue #1: positive blogging. 
Recently, I came across the website getoffmyinternets.net and discovered they have a whole thread dedicated to the blog Rockstar Diaries (which you probably all already read, and if you don't you should definitely start). 

Ok, now I will readily admit with pride that I absolutely love Taza's/Naomi's blog. They are cute and live in New York and go to fun places, like what else do you need? But, to my horror I realized this thread is saying horrible things about them! It seems like they mainly focus on the point that she "tries to make her life look perfect". And I'm over here like, "What's wrong with that?" I mean, obviously nobody's life is perfect, but why would you voluntarily put negative things into the universe/cyberspace? I mean, I think it's a different story if you pretend like your life is perfect in real life, but as far as blogging goes, I think it's fine. 

I don't know about the rest of the blog world, but I have this blog as a sort of diary. I don't keep a journal or a diary in real life (mainly because I want pictures to be included and I find that printing the moff and pasting them in a journal is very hard work, so blogging is a nice in-between), but I want my kids (and my future grandma self) to be able to look back and see pictures and read words about what our life was like (except they are NOT allowed to read my high school blogs!!!). So, forgive me if I'm not going to rant about how much I hate BYU or summertime or the sound of dogs licking. I mean, not talking about negative things doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means you don't want to focus on them, right? 

HOWEVER. I am not saying it's "not ok" to post about negative things. If that's your catharsis, go for it! I just think it's stupid that people are actually spending their time writing hate posts about someone who is being positive (I say while writing a hate post about someone who is being negative haha).

Issue #2: blogger comments.
Apparently when someone comments and you click "reply" and comment back, it doesn't notify them? So that's dumb. I'm sorry if you asked me a question or something and I didn't reply. I guess I'll start email-replying from now on!

Issue #3: coconut oil.
Why is it so amazing? I'm obsessed. I literally don't know how to live without it now that I've lived with it. I use it every morning on my legs, and those gross little bump things that I used to have? Gone! Also, I don't need to moisturize, so win win. Also, I swished with it for a little bit and I didn't do a before and after comparison, so this could just be hindsight bias, but I felt like my teeth got whiter! Anyways, use it. It's an antibacterial and antiviral and basically just amazing. Plus it's like $4 at Macey's.

Issue #4: movies.
Why are they so amazing? I mean, dying here. Dying. My recent favorites have been Mr. Nobody, We Are Who We Are, and Pompeii. You know how sometimes there are like, 0 movies out that you want to see? Well, I basically mind-cry for days when that happens. But now I'm mind-crying for days because there are so many good ones. I'm excited to see Endless Love, Dark Skies, Son of God, and Noah's Ark. Most of those are old, but we hit up the dolla theatre yo. If you have seen any excellent, excellent movies, please let me know. I finished One Tree Hill so I'm itchin' for some new material.

Issue #5: the following videos.

Watch the following video starting at 2:28.

- - - - -

Saturday, March 29, 2014

art city donuts

Good news: I am alive and well. I survived my testing. So, that's good I suppose. I ended up getting a decently good grade on my mythology test so hallelujah.

These pics are from a while ago when we went to the donut truck. To be honest, it wasn't my favorite thing in the world. I pretty much only like cake donuts, or donuts with chocolate frosting. It was fun to try this new food truck though! I feel like food trucks are the new "thing". They're everywhere! First waffles... now donuts, pizza, and burritos! There are probably more I just don't know about.

Speaking of waffles. Are we all aware of the glory that is Brugee's Waffles and Frites? (If you have not been, get in your car right this second and go there.) Well, to my great, great, delight they are building one in Provo!!! It's seriously like a 15 minute walk from my apartment. So YAY! I'm excited to stuff my face with delicious, chocolate loaded, pearl sugar waffles as much I want this summer!

- - - - -

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

another guest post cause school is still cray

Welp. School is still cray. Which is lovely but also I don't have time for this space every day anymore. If you'd like to guest post about some of your favorite photos you've taken, or things that make you happy, shoot me an email. I love seeing people's happy lists and beautiful photos!!

Without further ado, here's Morgan from Morgan Jo. Mmmmm, I want that crepe!!

As I was asked to write this blog post, 1. I was thrilled, and 2. I had a bunch of different ideas as to what I could say. I'm a list person, so therefore a list was my ultimate winner. So, here's me and my 13 things.

1. Music can make or break my days. If I hear some good lyrics accompanied by great sound my entire day can be flipped around.

2. I love art. All my siblings are boys, sporty boys to say the least, so this was something learned on my own. I think there is art and beauty in everything. (It's a cliche for a reason, people.)

3. Lipstick can always make you feel glamorous. (Ask me if I just used Fergie to help me spell that because, yes, in fact, I did.)

4. I moved to SLC for my first semester of school, and moved back home in January, where I meet loads of interesting people on the train ride everyday.

5. I'm completely emotionally driven, which results in more tears than I'll even admit. Photos make me cry, stories make me cry, everything makes me cry. I feel everything, and I'm a winner at
sympathy/empathy, so call me and talk forever. I used to hate this, but now it's one of my favorite things about myself.

6. Guilty pleasures are my very favorite things to learn about people.

7. There is a pancake for every occasion.

8. You're never over dressed.

9. I love, love, love houses.

10. I'm a water and sun bug. I teach and coach swim teams all summer and boating is my favorite. I cried the first time I saw the ocean (which was 8 months ago, by the way) and I never wanted to leave

11. Little moments are sentimental to me. My love languages are quality time and touch.

12. I'm the messiest cook in all the land. But my food is (almost) always delicious.

13. I'll probably be a little bit awkward at first, but I can promise you laughs, photos, tears, long drives, and frozen yogurt in our friendships.

 xoxo, mo.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks for the post, Morgan! Be sure to check our her blog here.

I'll probably be posting once a week, so yay for that! Weekends are really the only time we do anything photo-worthy haha.

- - - - -

Monday, March 24, 2014

hiking the y

So, on Friday we hiked the Y! It's pretty much the stereotypical thing to do when in Provo. Haha. It was fun finally doing it! When I say fun, I definitely mean I whined the whole way up and had to take a break at each switchback (out of shape much?) BUT when we got to the top it was so beautiful! Forgive the picture overload that is about to happen. It's was just so pretty! Hopefully one day I can do it without being such a baby, haha. But, it was definitely worth it!

Special thanks to my oh so lovely husband for planning a great date night!

- - - - -

Saturday, March 22, 2014

guest post #2: mila

Today we have Mila from Much Love, Mila! She is one of the few bloggers I know in real life. The thing I love most about her blog is her photography (remember these pictures she took of me)! She is one talented gal. Also, I love that she just got married and that I have another friend in my boat :) She has amazing style and is from Latvia! So, basically just a cool person all around.

I am also posting over on her blog today! So, check it out if you'd like.

For today's post I asked her to share five of her very favorite photos (that she has taken) and to tell why they are her favorite. Without further ado...

- - - - -

This was during my trip to California right after high school graduation. That year is a good reminder that I still had a lot to learn although I may feel like I'm almighty. We slept on the beach (which is illegal, oops) and acted like hobos for a week straight. However it was such a fun time. We ended up peaking into a shop that had all these cool, vintage gadgets and I didn't want to leave. There was a story behind every item and I just loved listening to the owner of the shop talk about those items.

Let me just say if you want to make the bestest friend in the whole entire world, live with a stranger for 8 months. My roommate and I, during our first year of college became extremely close. It was a nice reminded that life doesn't just end right after high school and friendships (sometimes even much stronger friendships) are made after high school. We seriously had a lot of fun together.

Aren't mirror pictures the worst? Well, this one was taken in Latvia in 2011 therefore it makes it 100x better. It's sort of a confusing one. My sister and I are standing right in the middle of my grandma's room. Note she has pink walls and a brown rug on the floor. And past the mirror to the left you can see through the doorway into the living room. Also note all the crazy colors and carpets. That place is so unique and basically my favorite. My husband and I always laugh about how they put rugs on everything.

This is another picture from my trip taken in Latvia but this one is in 2013. There's a bridge in Riga, Latvia that has all of these locks on them. Newlyweds and even long-time married folks hang these up with their names engraved into them. When I saw these, that night I was talking to my husband (at that time he was just my boyfriend) on the phone and I told him how much I would like to hang one up there for when I get married (at that time I didn't know I was going to marry him). He told me that he has walked passed that bridge 2 years ago and thought the same thing to himself (at that time, we didn't even know each other). I just thought it was so crazy that we saw this bridge in a small town, 10,000 miles away from where we live now, at different times and thought the same thing. Ever since then it has been our goal to go over there and hang up a lock with our names on them. We save away any money we can so we can take a trip together, have him meet my folks and put a lock on that darn bridge. (:

Of course I couldn't go without giving you a picture of the most important person in my life. We got hundreds of pictures from our formal session (still haven't gotten any back from our wedding day though..*tear*) so it was hard to pick a favorite one. I love this one though because this was the first time he has seen me in my dress. I remember it was such a special moment because he had the most endearing look in his eyes. He makes me feel like I'm the most precious thing he has ever had. He is my number 1 fan and is always supportive in anything I do. It's so great being able to have the most supportive human right by me. He really is the best guy out there (sorry, Em.)

- - - - -

There you have it! Thanks for the post, Mila! Make sure to check out her blog here. I love the photos she posts and her wedding was the most adorable. I'm dying to see pictures from that!

- - - - -

Friday, March 21, 2014

a guest post cause school is crazy

I've got some tests coming up, so instead of being absent from this blog, I've decided to share some of my very favorite blogs over the next couple days! The first is Leney from A Girl Named Leney. My favorite thing about her blog is the beautiful photography and the absolutely beautiful things she knits. Make sure to check it out!

Without further ado... Here's Leney!

- - - - -

I've become somewhat of a morning person this past month or so. There's something rather lovely about waking up and getting your day started when the sun is getting started too. It also has to do with the feelings of this quote. Coffee has also become quite a routinely thing for me in the mornings as well.
I don't even think it's really the aspect of "I have to have it or I will be a zombie for the rest of the day", because honestly I'm quite fine without it (then again maybe I'm just not addicted yet). But I like the routine of it. The act of going downstairs, heating up a cup of it and walking back upstairs with it to do devotions and check email and get my day started. It's nice to have little routines sometimes. It gives you a starting point for things. A point at which you can know how things are going to turn out afterwards and plan accordingly from there. Granted we should always hold our routines loosely and remain flexible, because there will inevitably be unforeseeable changes and interruptions at times, but I think it's okay to have them still. Just so long as they don't become the end all be all for us.

- - - - -

There you have it, folks! Be sure to check out her blog, because it is lovely! Here are her links: BlogFacebookEtsyTwitter.

- - - - -

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Elaine French Bakery

Excuse me while I die from happiness. I forgot how much I love the french bakery. Especially now that they have macarons! Today I got Paris-Brest, and a chocolate and strawberry macaron. If you live close to Orem, go! It's owned by the nicest, cutest french guy!

Paris-Brest was delicious! I couldn't eat the whole thing. Good thing cute husbands exist, right?

I've only had the strawberry macaron so far, but OH MY it was delicious. Trust me, I tasted pretty much every macaron in Utah Valley for my wedding, so I know when they are good. Haha.

And finally, the most delicious breakfast that I am forever obsessed with. Toast with avocado, scrambled egg, and salt, with apples and milk. YUM. The thing I like the most about this semester is my mornings. I don't have school until 11 or 12 every day, so I have sooooo much time in the morning. I love having my slow morning routine! 

Does anyone else watch Bates Motel? I had to stop watching One Tree Hill for a little while, because I was getting incredible bored of the constant crying and drama. So, I started Bates Hotel thinking it would be a whatever-show, but it's actually really good! I'm a sucker for horror though, especially good horror. So, seeing the life of Norman Bates as a kid is really interesting! I find myself trying to diagnose everyone in the show to practice my disorder knowledge, haha.

I never know how to end posts. Like, I feel weird just ending without saying bye, but then it's like, why do I need to say bye? This isn't human interaction. Maybe I will just start ending it when I run out of things to say. Like, in those post I would have just ended after the previous paragraph. It just feels mean when I do that, ya know? Like I envision it as me going up to someone, talking a bunch, and then just walking away. Ah! Maybe I am over thinking this.

- - - - -

Sunday, March 16, 2014

life has been cute lately

While looking at my old blogs with a friend, I realized I have stopped taking "artsy" photos. I used to really like doing strange thing to my pictures, so we decided to do a mini shoot! The only problem was the sun, so I really only liked two pictures. C'est la vie.

Date night was at Brugee's Waffles and Frites and OMG I DIED. Why are waffles so good? Like, why? That picture of Jake was taken before Brugee's rocked his world. I could literally eat one of their waffles every single day of my life and not even bat an eye.

Being cute and eating matching breakfasts in matching bathrobes. Am I the only one (besides Morgan, hello Morgan) obsessing with avocado, egg, and salt on toast? DYING. Plus, I feel like it's the healthiest thing in the world. So, bonus points.

Now, studying and hopefully some X-Files tonight! I hope you all had a good weekend! I went to a shop-our-closet-blogger-event and got some screamin' deals! Two leather jackets, a dress, and a sweater for only $50! Dang!

- - - - -

Friday, March 14, 2014

crying cause i just got a 91 on my psych testing test

Mind-crying, I guess. But, crying nonetheless. 

I am obsessed with school. 
I am obsessed with how I feel when I do well in school.

Yay. For. School. (Am I the only one who thinks a test about testing is funny?)

We celebrated with Brugee's Waffles and Frites (best ever, go there) and an X-Files marathon later on tonight. So YAY.

Also, I'm going to this tomorrow, so if any of you go, holla at yo girl. I'm excited to snag some mega deals. Yay for mega deals.

I lost three followers for my last post, so I know it spoke the truth. Haha. Nah I'm kiddin, but literally there is nothing else to say because I need to go and do some more school. Happy weekend!

- - - - -

P.S. Braid tutorial found here

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

23 Things To Do Instead Of Making Lists About Your Superior Life Decision

1.) I'm actually not going to make a list.

First off, I am married and 20 years old. I got married when I was 19 years old. I'm sorry if you feel bad for me and all of the traveling or insert other experience here I am missing out on. But, guess what? I love being married! I'm not going to get into it on here, but I'm happy with the decision I made. And guess what else? Those people who aren't married are probably happy with the decision they have made too. 

Nobody "should" do anything. If you're single and traveling the world, that's awesome. It really is. I would love to spend the rest of my life traveling the world too, and the fact that you're doing it is really cool. I love reading about your adventures and getting ideas of places to visit once I'm done giving all my money to college. Also, if you're married and you're young, that's awesome. I feel ya, sista. Married life is really great for me and I'm so happy I was lucky enough to find my husband at such a young age. 

HOWEVER. In my very personal opinion, it is never ok to make somebody else feel bad about the choices they are making. I try my best to be supportive of those I come into contact with and I think these blog posts that have been blowing up my Facebook feed have a very similar, good, underlying intention. However, I believe the way they are going about it has resulted in lots of people feeling upset about their own lives. Posting about why your lifestyle choice is somehow better than someone else's is no way to make friends. 

Instead of listing reasons why our lifestyle choice is superior, can we please just be supportive and nice? When I see someone share a blog post about how being married is a mistake because of divorce rates, lost opportunities, and financial problems, do you know what that makes me think? It makes me think that the friend of mine who posted that was probably silently judging me while eating the delicious crepes and macarons at my wedding reception. When someone who is single sees a post about why you should hurry and get married ASAP BECAUSE OMG IT'S SO GREAT, do you know what they think? Because I don't, like I said, I'm married, haha. But, I can imagine there is a similar response. If you are single and have feelings to share, I'm more than happy to hear what it's like to be bombarded by that sort of post. But, can't you see? Whichever side you're on, sharing these lists on Facebook is making other people feel sad or defensive about their lifestyle choice. 

So, PLEASE can we just let life happen and be supportive and happy for each other? If you happen to travel and do crazy things that's great. If you happen to get married that's great. Whatever life leads you to will be great. Not getting married or getting married, it doesn't matter. You are a great human being and you are unique. Your goals, dreams, and wants might be different from someone else's, but that doesn't mean they are any less valid. Your life is going to be full of rich, happy, life changing experiences. So, let's please stop making lists about why we are happier than people who make opposite lifestyle choices. I'm willing to bet that we are all just as happy as the other person who is living an opposite lifestyle. And, more so than the search for happiness, I believe that we all want to be accepted and supported by those around us. So, let's start supporting each other and stop with these stupid lists!

Lastly, I think it's important to note that marriage isn't the end of your young life. You can still do all the crazy things on those lists of things to do instead of getting engaged when you're married :). It's not as bad as people make it out to be haha. I'm not trying to convince you to get married! Definitely wait until you're ready and until you meet the right person, if you even do want to get married. But, don't be scared of it either. Marriage is a big commitment, and it is a big lifestyle change, but it's a good one that brings a lot of happiness. 

If you don't want it, you'll be fine. 
If you do, you'll be fine.

- - - - -

P.S. If anything I said offended you, please remember I am a 20 year old psychology major who is not in any way certified in the "life decisions" category. This is all just opinion. Take it with a grain of salt. If you think I am a complete idiot, remember that I probably think the same about you. Haha just kidding. But, if you disagree, remember I am just one person out of 7,046,000,000. My opinion counts for nothing. We can still be friends and eat lunch on the steps of the met.

family pictures

Special thanks to my sister for the use of her dog and studio.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

weekend happenings

I was so pleased to see these beautiful trees lining the sidewalk! Then, as we walked closer I realized that, to my horror, they are fake! Why would you choose fake plastic trees (Radiohead, anyone?) that are forever in the color of fall? I mean, is it that hard to plant real trees? Haha. 

I really wanted to buy one of these from Unhinged, but then it came to me that landlines probably won't exist in the future! Sucks for us...

So, on Friday we went to Sodalicious and the art stroll for date night. It was really nice because we just walked from our apartment. I got a hazelnut hot chocolate and Jake got a Your Mom. Haha. I can't remember what the flavors were or what the soda was for his, but it was really good! I want to try a Hot Lava next time. Apparently it's like hot chocolate except made with something that makes it really creamy? I'm not sure. OH. And also you can just drive through this place! How fun! I'm excited to go back and try more drinks! They have so many different combinations. I can't stop laughing at this picture, because it reminds me so much of this picture!!

The art stroll was really fun. The wall of stencils is continually growing! I wish somebody would do a huge wheatpaste, but alas. My favorite artists of the night were Paula Brave (pictured above at Muse Music Cafe) and Lisa Marie Crosby (displayed currently at Covey Center for the Arts). I loved the morbidity Paula Brave gave everyday characters. I think I'm pretty much alone in my love for dark, morbid artwork, but that doesn't make me love it any less! My favorite piece of hers was the top right painting of a city. I also LOVED the abstract work Lisa Marie Crosby did. I would sell my legs for Words Unseen.

It was a great weekend overall! We caught up on some much needed sleep and watched some SUPERB episodes of The X-Files. Now, back to the books!

- - - - -