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dana leigh apparel + pop 'n sweets

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello! Long time, no blog. Haha. School is crazyyyyyy. It's like wake up, get ready, go to school, come home from school, study for school, sleep. Literally. This semester is kickin' ma butt. I've gotta kick back!

In other news, my sister has a lovely clothing store called Dana Leigh Apparel. We took some pictures on Sunday, and she let me keep an outfit! I wore this sweater all day Sunday, all night Sunday night, all day Monday, and all night last night! Gross. I know. But, it's so comfortable. I love sleeves that can cover my hands. They're so cozy! Not to mention the morning light in our office. It kills me. it's so beautiful! I've started eating breakfast at my desk every morning!

Anyways, Dana-Leigh Apparel is offering 20% off right now with the coupon code DLA20! This sweater is normally $18. So, with 20% it's only $14.40! Deals, you guys. Deals. Anyways, go check it out. 

In other news, there is an AMAZING new candy and soda store called Pop 'N Sweets. I went there yesterday and I was blown away! There are 700 different types of candy from alllllll over the world and 500 different sodas! It's craziness. It took me so long to figure out what to buy. I decided to get this soda, because lately life has been throwing my lots of "fails", so what is more fitting than this soda?!

This particular soda wasn't the best. It was actually pretty gross, in my opinion. But, the bottle sure is amazing!

THIS CHOCOLATE BAR WAS AMAZING. Ok, just to answer your question, yes. I have already eaten all of the candy I bought yesterday. JUDGE ME. But literally. I would travel thirty minutes just to buy this candy bar. If you live near Provo go get one! It's such smooth chocolate. And each square is filled with a raspberry jelly. Yummmmmmmm!


I bought this mainly because it was a hippo. I mean, how can you pass it up? So cute!!! It was a biscuit that had a hazelnut filling. I love hazelnut. And I loved this. Probably not as much as I loved the chocolate bar, but I'm definitely still getting one next time (every time?!) I go.

I got these hoping they were candy cigarettes and they were! (Small win!) Jake and I had a good time sending weed pictures to our friends and family. Other than humor purposes, these were just sugar sticks. Nothing too special.
This randomly turned into a food (candy?!) post, but I love candy. And I love soda. And I love that I have an amazing candy and soda store right by my apartment. Life has given me a win, guys. A WIN.

Anyways, I'm off to spend my life watching One Tree Hill (finally done with all my tests and reading, so yay). Can we pause to acknowledge the fact that the episode I'm currently watching starts of animated like The Sims? HAHA!

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  1. I remember buying those candy cigs from our ice cream man. We were such tough kids!

    1. your ice cream man sold candy cigs?! what the!! was he like, the ice cream man who rides the truck around the neighborhood? because i always wanted one of those haha

  2. Your hair looks perfect in these photos!

  3. ohhhh so much good candy! /cravings. and i'm living a similar life right now.. college is totally kicking my but! i can't even keep up with everything that is going on, not even to mention a social life of sorts. my first free weekend will be april 11th, and i cannot wait for it to be here haha. also - that sweater looks so comfy, and you're hair is stunning!
    xo, cheyenne

    1. college! why do we do it! where do you go? and awe. april 11th is so far away! i'm sorry! at least it will be worth it one day... right?


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