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a happy list: 13

Friday, February 7, 2014

from last week (?) when i took pictures at the cutest abandoned house. i'll share some of the actual ones when i can finally get around to it! haha
knee socks
colored houses
homemade fries
long-awaited interviews
walking home in the snow
getting an 81 on my social psych test
when jake thought a uterus was called a fetus
finding out about the chocolate extravaganza in march
imaging what cool things will be in heaven (like pre-peeled potatoes)
when i was facetiming my mom and she did all the same "before-bed-mannerisms" she use to

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P.S. Finally figured out how to do a link-up! I am adding this Tuesday... so sorry for being late haha.


  1. Oh no, they ripped off the porch!
    Do you know if they're going to remodel it?

    1. yeah i think they are in the process. apparently it's a "historic home". haha. i miss the porch though. it was the cutest.


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