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Thursday, February 13, 2014

So, first off, this is the most lovely piece of clothing I own. I am obsessed! My sister got this for me for my birthday. She got it from Craft Lake City. Do any of you go? I've only been once, but there were soooooo many amazing things, it was crazy!

Also, I have decided to stop using heat on my hair. I usually only blow dry it, but I really want it to be long and luscious, so I am going to load up on the fish oil and load down on the blow dryer! I also feel like it forces me to get up earlier, because I have to wait for my hair to air dry. This morning I tried doing two Princess Leia buns. I think it turned out okay. I have done this before, except with like seven buns. I like it that way a little bit better I think. I think it dries faster the more buns you have. I did like that the curls were wavier with only two buns though. Any ideas for heatless curls?

Also, I trimmed my bangs and I just had to laugh for a second at how uneven they are! 

Well, I'm off to read The Stand! I really need to get moving if I'm going to finish it before the end of February. I really want one of those bath shelf things that holds your books. It would be so handy!
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  1. Your hair looks amazing! And that sweater is so cool.


    1. Isn't the coolest?! I wish so badly I could remember where I got it! They don't have a tag or anything :(
      And thanks!

  2. What should I start with? The top of course, it's unbelievable, I like so much the pieces that you can get attached to! Than, the no heat idea is so beneficial, but I can't see myself waiting for my hair to dry on its own; I can easily give up the flat iron, curler and so on (as I only use these occasionally), but the blow drier is a must, I usually wash my hair at night so it would be too much to wait a few more hours..:)


    1. Thanks! You're so nice! Yeah I usually have school and I the going to school with wet hair, so I have to wake up early haha. I guess it's good because it makes me get up earlier, but I can see what you mean! Waiting for it to dry at night would be the worst! Sometimes I french braid it and just sleep on it so it's wavy the next day.


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