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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've been loving driving to school in the foggy morning!

I tried doing my nails with this method, and they turned out better than I thought they were going to! My right hand has been snagging on things and bothering me, so I'm going to redo it. I think the trick is to make absolutely sure the ends of the tape are concealed by a top coat. My favorite nails are my ring finger and pointer finger. I think I'm going to redo all of them like that tomorrow. 

While I was trying to take a perfectly in focus self-timed (I forgot I had my remote!) photo of my nails, I looked to my right and saw this. I partially feel like a crazy dog lady, but it was soooo funny. She was just watching me and kept cocking her head back and forth, like I was a crazy human or something.

I forgot how much I love the front room at my mother's house! That morning light...

This bag is what my brother got me for Christmas! I love it so much. I couldn't have picked it out better myself! It's cross body, but you can double up the strap and have it be a shoulder bag too. I'm more of a cross body kind of girl, though. Oddly enough it started with my mother's backpack. So, congrats mom!

This is for Michelle. Shout out to Michelle. I didn't realize I do this stupid hand thing until she pointed it out, and now I realize I do it ALL THE TIME when I talk! Haha. 

One of these days I'll figure out how to photograph mountains to my liking, but I couldn't help but love this view in my favorite study spot on campus! The snow covered mountains... the slight fog... it was soooo beautiful. I normally wouldn't have taken a picture, but I'm trying to get over the fear-of-strangers-judging-me-for-taking-pictures thing. I snapped this in a deathly quiet study zone! If you have a DSLR you know those shutter sounds aren't soft...

I got an email this morning, telling me I didn't get a job I have really wanted for a long time. I am *obviously* bummed out, but in reality there are so many good things that will come from not getting it. If I got it, I would have had to work the night shift sometimes, not have any time to blog or read, and would have had to eat meat. I would have easily and happily done all of those things, but I think my sleep life, school life, and relationship with Jake would have had to take a punch. But, now I can just sit back and focus on school with all my might! Plus, I can graduate in December (on my birthday I might add, eek!) after all, and on top of that I can go back to being a vegetarian (Ramblin' Rose Cafe, anyone? It's been on my list for months...). 

I'm so glad my psychology classes have made me the person I am today! I think attribution errors are everyone's worst enemy. (Ex: I failed because of external force, I succeeded because of internal force.) I mean, maybe there were external things that prevented me from getting the job (such as school or age). But, I know deep down that I wasn't the person they wanted to hire, and I think that's most helpful because now I can work on making myself into someone they would hire, instead of just blaming it on other things and staying the same.

Psychology is so great. You know how people talk about how they have always know they are destined to be a ____? That's how I feel about psychology! There has never been a time in my academic career where I have doubted my choice of major. Furthermore, I have known I want to be a counselor since wayyyyy back in high school. I remember people always telling me, "When you get to college you'll change your major a bunch". So, it feels good to feel so congruent with my past goals and dreams. Three cheers for staying on track, right?

I'm off to studying for yet another exam! Wish me luck!

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