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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

dana leigh apparel + pop 'n sweets

Hello! Long time, no blog. Haha. School is crazyyyyyy. It's like wake up, get ready, go to school, come home from school, study for school, sleep. Literally. This semester is kickin' ma butt. I've gotta kick back!

In other news, my sister has a lovely clothing store called Dana Leigh Apparel. We took some pictures on Sunday, and she let me keep an outfit! I wore this sweater all day Sunday, all night Sunday night, all day Monday, and all night last night! Gross. I know. But, it's so comfortable. I love sleeves that can cover my hands. They're so cozy! Not to mention the morning light in our office. It kills me. it's so beautiful! I've started eating breakfast at my desk every morning!

Anyways, Dana-Leigh Apparel is offering 20% off right now with the coupon code DLA20! This sweater is normally $18. So, with 20% it's only $14.40! Deals, you guys. Deals. Anyways, go check it out. 

In other news, there is an AMAZING new candy and soda store called Pop 'N Sweets. I went there yesterday and I was blown away! There are 700 different types of candy from alllllll over the world and 500 different sodas! It's craziness. It took me so long to figure out what to buy. I decided to get this soda, because lately life has been throwing my lots of "fails", so what is more fitting than this soda?!

This particular soda wasn't the best. It was actually pretty gross, in my opinion. But, the bottle sure is amazing!

THIS CHOCOLATE BAR WAS AMAZING. Ok, just to answer your question, yes. I have already eaten all of the candy I bought yesterday. JUDGE ME. But literally. I would travel thirty minutes just to buy this candy bar. If you live near Provo go get one! It's such smooth chocolate. And each square is filled with a raspberry jelly. Yummmmmmmm!


I bought this mainly because it was a hippo. I mean, how can you pass it up? So cute!!! It was a biscuit that had a hazelnut filling. I love hazelnut. And I loved this. Probably not as much as I loved the chocolate bar, but I'm definitely still getting one next time (every time?!) I go.

I got these hoping they were candy cigarettes and they were! (Small win!) Jake and I had a good time sending weed pictures to our friends and family. Other than humor purposes, these were just sugar sticks. Nothing too special.
This randomly turned into a food (candy?!) post, but I love candy. And I love soda. And I love that I have an amazing candy and soda store right by my apartment. Life has given me a win, guys. A WIN.

Anyways, I'm off to spend my life watching One Tree Hill (finally done with all my tests and reading, so yay). Can we pause to acknowledge the fact that the episode I'm currently watching starts of animated like The Sims? HAHA!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

comments are fixed!

Just a quick post to say commenting is now possible! I didn't even realize it was not working before. Sorry!

valentine's happenings / late happy list: 14

I love Valentine's day! This year I decided to skip school and clean the house/set up cute things. I had to redo my nails though. As much as I loved the scotch tape thing, the tape started snagging on stuff and then it wasn't perfect and it bothered me. So, I redid them yesterday. My sister-in-law gave me this way cool nail polish kit for my birthday. You paint your base coat, and then paint over that with this glue stuff, and then stick foil to the glue! These look a lot more yellow than they are in real life. In real life it looks like I have gold on my nails. It's awesome.

Why don't some girls like flowers? I know my sister thinks they are so stupid. Help me understand! I love them. And I love getting them. 

We dined at Station 22. I liked it! They had this huge wall with 60 different types of soda! You just go over and pick one out, and then the waitress/waiter brings you a cold one. Turns out Sarsparilla tastes delicious! And is also the cutest bottle.

We liked the food too. Their sweet potato fries were TO DIE FOR. I got the veggie burger and it was really good! The patty was kind of weird, because it wasn't like, held together? If that makes sense. But, I loved the bun. And the fries. Did I mention the fries? Safe to say we rate it five stars!

While looking for a vase, I decided to just use my soda bottle and I'm obsessed with how cute it is!

I love Valentine's Day! Any excuse to do cute, fun things while dressed fancy... right?

1/ thick knee socks 2/ finding a parking spot seconds after pulling into the parking lot 3/ getting my first a- on a test 4/ when jake surprised me with treats for no reason 5/ buying tickets to phantogram (!!!) 6/ catching up on all my favorite dvr shows (awkward, pretty little liars, new girl, the walking dead) 7/ taking daily bubble baths (literally) / finding out that chris carrabba's new band is opening for augustana which means that he will be standing by his merch stand like most opening bands do and that means that i might finally get a picture with the lead singer of my favorite band 8/ the rainy and overcast weather we have been having 9/ being able to house sit from the 7-23, which means having bath tubs, big screen televisions, endless supplies of treats, backyards, and pets. we love when our families travel! 10/ celebrating special days with the cutest human.

Make a happy list. It makes you feel better about your life! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

0 2 - 1 3 - 2 0 1 4

So, first off, this is the most lovely piece of clothing I own. I am obsessed! My sister got this for me for my birthday. She got it from Craft Lake City. Do any of you go? I've only been once, but there were soooooo many amazing things, it was crazy!

Also, I have decided to stop using heat on my hair. I usually only blow dry it, but I really want it to be long and luscious, so I am going to load up on the fish oil and load down on the blow dryer! I also feel like it forces me to get up earlier, because I have to wait for my hair to air dry. This morning I tried doing two Princess Leia buns. I think it turned out okay. I have done this before, except with like seven buns. I like it that way a little bit better I think. I think it dries faster the more buns you have. I did like that the curls were wavier with only two buns though. Any ideas for heatless curls?

Also, I trimmed my bangs and I just had to laugh for a second at how uneven they are! 

Well, I'm off to read The Stand! I really need to get moving if I'm going to finish it before the end of February. I really want one of those bath shelf things that holds your books. It would be so handy!
- - - - -

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

0 2 - 1 2 - 2 0 1 4

I've been loving driving to school in the foggy morning!

I tried doing my nails with this method, and they turned out better than I thought they were going to! My right hand has been snagging on things and bothering me, so I'm going to redo it. I think the trick is to make absolutely sure the ends of the tape are concealed by a top coat. My favorite nails are my ring finger and pointer finger. I think I'm going to redo all of them like that tomorrow. 

While I was trying to take a perfectly in focus self-timed (I forgot I had my remote!) photo of my nails, I looked to my right and saw this. I partially feel like a crazy dog lady, but it was soooo funny. She was just watching me and kept cocking her head back and forth, like I was a crazy human or something.

I forgot how much I love the front room at my mother's house! That morning light...

This bag is what my brother got me for Christmas! I love it so much. I couldn't have picked it out better myself! It's cross body, but you can double up the strap and have it be a shoulder bag too. I'm more of a cross body kind of girl, though. Oddly enough it started with my mother's backpack. So, congrats mom!

This is for Michelle. Shout out to Michelle. I didn't realize I do this stupid hand thing until she pointed it out, and now I realize I do it ALL THE TIME when I talk! Haha. 

One of these days I'll figure out how to photograph mountains to my liking, but I couldn't help but love this view in my favorite study spot on campus! The snow covered mountains... the slight fog... it was soooo beautiful. I normally wouldn't have taken a picture, but I'm trying to get over the fear-of-strangers-judging-me-for-taking-pictures thing. I snapped this in a deathly quiet study zone! If you have a DSLR you know those shutter sounds aren't soft...

I got an email this morning, telling me I didn't get a job I have really wanted for a long time. I am *obviously* bummed out, but in reality there are so many good things that will come from not getting it. If I got it, I would have had to work the night shift sometimes, not have any time to blog or read, and would have had to eat meat. I would have easily and happily done all of those things, but I think my sleep life, school life, and relationship with Jake would have had to take a punch. But, now I can just sit back and focus on school with all my might! Plus, I can graduate in December (on my birthday I might add, eek!) after all, and on top of that I can go back to being a vegetarian (Ramblin' Rose Cafe, anyone? It's been on my list for months...). 

I'm so glad my psychology classes have made me the person I am today! I think attribution errors are everyone's worst enemy. (Ex: I failed because of external force, I succeeded because of internal force.) I mean, maybe there were external things that prevented me from getting the job (such as school or age). But, I know deep down that I wasn't the person they wanted to hire, and I think that's most helpful because now I can work on making myself into someone they would hire, instead of just blaming it on other things and staying the same.

Psychology is so great. You know how people talk about how they have always know they are destined to be a ____? That's how I feel about psychology! There has never been a time in my academic career where I have doubted my choice of major. Furthermore, I have known I want to be a counselor since wayyyyy back in high school. I remember people always telling me, "When you get to college you'll change your major a bunch". So, it feels good to feel so congruent with my past goals and dreams. Three cheers for staying on track, right?

I'm off to studying for yet another exam! Wish me luck!

- - - - -

Monday, February 10, 2014

iphone scenes

1/ Walking to school in the snow! I absolutely love it! This picture makes me miss my blue hair, though. I have been driving to school lately, because I am staying at my mother's house and it has been horrible! There are literally no parking spots. I had to drive around for 40 minutes this morning. I finally found some kid who was walking to his car and creepily followed him for about 3 minutes, haha.

2/ My sister had me dress up as Tinkerbelle for my niece's 3rd birthday party... only the costume she  had me wear was size large... in kid's... Needless to say I felt very awkward bending over to hand out pixie dust!!

1 & 2/ As much as I disliked walking home from school in the dark at the beginning of the semester, the sunsets were so beautiful! I've been missing it!

1/ I can't remember if I already posted pictures and/or talked about this, but I went to Lincoln Beach early in the morning, hoping to see steam rising off of the lake, and to my extreme enjoyment, the WHOLE place was foggy. SOOOO foggy. It was absolutely beautiful!

2/ The Jamba juice Jake got me when I was a beached whale (aka when the red witch came to visit). They can make a Butterfinger flavor, and it's so good. It tastes exactly like a Butterfinger.

1 & 2/ Am I the only one who searches for shapes in food? I got lucky and had a cute heart in my sparkling cider AND a face in my oil and vinegar! So fun! P.S. I promise I'm wearing shorts in that second photo!

1 & 2/ Hanging out with Trixie! I forgot how fun it is to have a dog. Now that I'm back (for a bit) she follows me everywhere! Today, I let her inside and was in the living room for a while. Then, I got up to get my slippers from the bathroom, and she got up and followed me. I went back, and then realized I had forgotten the phone charger in there too, so I got up like, one minute later to go get it and she got up and followed me again! Last night, I put her on the floor because she was bugging Jake, and she walked around for a minute and then jumped back up! Haha. It's nice though. She hated me when I left for college. When I came home on the weekends, she would just ignore me. It was heartbreaking! It's been fun being pals again while I'm babysitting her. Hopefully she won't hate me again when I leave. 

1/ Dying my hair black. It really was a strange decision. It was like I debated it for a while, and then decided to stay blue. Then, one day I woke up, texted my sister, and was dying it hours later! We took this picture, because she used plastic bags as gloves... haha.

2/ Jazz game! I'm not too into sports, but I think I like basketball games. They're pretty fast paced. Jake asked me if I wanted ice cream and came back with this... it was practically as big as my head! Ah!

1/ I loved the way braids looked with my colored hair! 

2/ Yeah, not so fun with black hair. I have been loving fishtails though. It's like, I haven't know how to do them for so long, now that I do I'm obsessed!

1 & 2/ Trying to study at my sister's house with her crazy dog! He is so cute. At first he was being totally crazy and trying to lick my face off, and then all of the sudden he got tired and slept on my lap for the rest of my study session! It was too cute.

1/ Applied and interviewed for my dream job! I'm super nervous, because I have to wait a week to hear back! I'm thinking I'm not going to get it though, that way I won't be sad if I don't get it. It's so stupid, but I always think like that.

 2/ Finally trying a hamburger from In N' Out. It was pretty good! I can see why everyone is obsessed.

I think I am going to start posting iPhone pictures more. This blog is my diary/journal, and I take so many pictures on my iPhone, by not posting them I'm leaving out huge parts of life! Well, mainly more like little parts that make up a huge part? I don't know. One of these days I'll get a lens less than 35mm. But, until then, I apologize if you're one of those people who hates crappy quality photos on people's blogs. I promise it won't happen more than once every few weeks!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

a happy list: 13

from last week (?) when i took pictures at the cutest abandoned house. i'll share some of the actual ones when i can finally get around to it! haha
knee socks
colored houses
homemade fries
long-awaited interviews
walking home in the snow
getting an 81 on my social psych test
when jake thought a uterus was called a fetus
finding out about the chocolate extravaganza in march
imaging what cool things will be in heaven (like pre-peeled potatoes)
when i was facetiming my mom and she did all the same "before-bed-mannerisms" she use to

- - - - -

P.S. Finally figured out how to do a link-up! I am adding this Tuesday... so sorry for being late haha.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

happy list: 12

- - - - -

starting a new book
rediscovering j dawgs
almond coco loco chobani
my abnormal psychology class
all the clothes i got from my sister
the way coconut oil makes my skin feel
waking up to snow falling outside my window
when jake and i had breakfast in bed on thursday
eating delicious chocolate bread, fresh out of the oven
when jake gave me a fork with my yogurt, because he remembered i don't like spoons

- - - - -