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a happy list: 10

Friday, January 17, 2014

finally got the fishtail braid down! i'm not lying to you when i say it took me seven tries and like, two hours. i love the way it looks with my colored ends though. i didn't get to see the back until i saw the middle, left picture and i love the way it looks! i've decided i need to learn new ways to do my hair and makeup. i feel like i just vary between the same three boring things. it's like, ponytail, bun, or down. and then eyeliner, eyeshadow, or just mascara. haha. so dumb. i'm 20 years old! good thing i have an older sister to teach me the ways of girldom. speaking of which, she's supposed to be getting this closet organizer thing, and weirdly i've been dying to organize her closet! maybe it's the fact that my books still aren't here, so i spend my days baking things (which is a nice change from macaroni and tomato sandwiches), doing my online class, and watching one tree hill. like just thinking about her closet being so disorganized and making it look so pretty makes me so excited. haha. the simple things in life, right? but anyways, i'm glad i know how to do these braids now. yay for 4th options! if you know of any hairstyles that are cute and relatively easy, feel free to let me know! now, for a happy list!
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diet dr. pepper
baking cute things
planning our "stay-cation"
the x-files episodes getting better!
get 100% on my abnormal psychology quiz
discovering new songs by both barcelona and phantogram
finding out audrey tautou is in a new movie that looks amazing!
discovering that our dishwasher doesn't suck, we just need to buy nicer soap
macey's "fake thunderstorm" with thunder and lighting when the vegetable misters come on
my streak of not ever winning games turning into a streak of winning every game every time

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  1. I think your hair looks absolutely perfect here. Congrats on the 100% on some abstract quiz. You rock.

    xx Laur

  2. You're perfect. Also I want you to try this hairstyle: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-to-do-heidi-braids-in-crown.html and this one because it's cuter with bangs and I don't have any: http://instagram.com/p/i13-UVMMZc/


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