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J Dawgs + Ice Castles

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yesterday, we went to the ice castles! It has seriously been on my bucket list for like four years! It was really cool, though. Safe to say my expectations were met! 

We went to J-Dawg's beforehand and grabbed some delicious grub. I'm trying to get a job at an eating disorder clinic, and being vegetarian probably isn't the best example to set for the patients. So, I've been eating meat lately. It was weird at first, but it's fine now. I feel like doing it for a reason makes it easier, you know? Like, eating meat so I can be a good example is better than eating meat because being a vegetarian is "too hard". Plus, I don't feel like I'm losing a part of myself this way. Also, turns out I really love hot dogs. Like, the good all-beef ones. 

So, I really didn't want to use my flash and lose the beautiful colors of the ice! So, I didn't really get a very good one of me and Jake. Well, with colors in it at least. Haha. But, I love the color in all the rest! If you haven't gone to the ice castles, you definitely should! Just make sure you wear boots, because the ground is like... loose ice? Slushy is probably a better word. Also, we went on Friday night and it was pretty packed. But, not too bad. But still, I'd recommend going on a week night. :) Anyways! 

This was this hole you could look into and there was a little water fountain thing. I'm so happy I got it in three different colors! 

Afterwards, we went to Jake's friends house and played Wizard! I definitely thought it was like, a magic game, but it's actually really fun! It takes a while to get used to, but I love learning new games instead of playing the same ones over and over again. 

Anyways, I'm off to a friend's bridal shower!

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