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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some photos I took of a friend after she took my photos. I'm excited that I got pictures with my blue hair! I'm going to dye it black once my sister gets back to me on if she has dye or not. I've loved having blue hair, but I want my hair to be longer. I don't want to keep dying it. 

Also, I've decided to stop doing free shoots! I'm only charging $40 though, so if you want portraits, engagements, pictures with your husband/wife, or just whatever, then email me and we can set something up. 

I didn't want to type out why I'm doing this, so I made a video. If you're interested, feel free to watch.

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  1. gorgeous photos! i love her coat!

  2. Glad that you'll be charging that amount. It's a good starting point, I think! I'm at the point right now where I feel like I should beg people to take their photos, haha. Business is very slooooowwwwww and I haven't been motivated to advertise!

  3. Yeah, don't work for free. Sometimes I watch Chad edit photos and it takes him hours and people expect their stuff like the day after. The behind the scenes work and the time you put in definitely needs to be compensated. That being said, one day when Chad finally agrees to be in pictures with me and I would love to pay you to take them.


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