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Cafe SuperNatural

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Funny moment of the day: I said, "Jake! I am the worst wife to you!" J said, "Ah! Emmy! No you're not! Why do you think that?" I said, "Because, I got you all that soda for Christmas and I've drunk it all!" J immediately stops cooking and walks over to the fridge, opens it, and pulls out the last can of Diet Dr. Pepper. He comes over and hands it to me. I immediately started laughing, because that's exactly what I wanted!!! It's strange how someone can know you so well, they know you want a soda when you start complaining about being a terrible wife! Haha! 

In other news... 

My friend Hailey and I went on an adventure to Salt Lake on Saturday. We visited some friends and then tried this cute little place called Cafe SuperNatural. We both thought it was going to be like, a scary cafe haha. But, it turns out it just meant that all of the foods were very natural.

All the critics said to get the tamales... which neither one of us got haha. I got a Greek thing. It was falafel, and some lettuce, and maybe like a pickle relish and some hummus? I'm actually not sure what the majority of it was haha. But, it was ok overall. I would recommend trying the tamales if you go. They did have good drinks, though. I got a lavender lemonade and Hailey got a ginger drink. I loved the lemonade! I really wanted to try a green smoothie, because I've never had one. I feel like I just need to make one. Any recipes that are actually good? I'm scared to try one! 

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