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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I tried my hand at levitation photography, but failed. So, here are these. 
I'm glad my friends have beautiful little sisters who volunteer to adventure on icy canyon roads with me even though they don't know me.

Also, school is in session and I am taking 17 credits, which might make you shake your head and think "WHEN WILL SHE LEARN", but actually it's fine because 2 of those credits are for an online course and I did not make the mistake of taking a religion class again, and also all of my classes are psychology classes, and that means I will love them and smile the whole time the teacher is talking and then go home and regurgitate everything I heard because it's just that EXCITING.

But, I will be gone from here for many moons.
Or just until I get free time to shoot meaningful photos and not just stupid things like I have been until EMILY LET ME PHOTOGRAPH HER.

She is a beautiful woman and also a really cool human being. Look at that dread. Look at that hair. She went to Europe too. So. There's that, also.

Anyways, keep things nice.

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