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a happy list: 36 + halloween costumes

Monday, October 27, 2014

First of all, here is our costume from our family halloween party! The first picture was a test photo, so sorry for the awkwardness, but I never got one in good lighting of our outfits! So, an awkward photo that actually shows both our costumes will have to do :).

- - - - -

M&M caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory / Mastering the bow bun at last / Trixie in her dog diaper (sad, but funny) / Jake's family (like literally I am obsessed with them and this happy list wouldn't be complete without mentioning how nice and supportive they are of each other. Every time we do something with them I'm just reminded of how much I want my future family to be as pleasant to be around as they are. I'm so lucky I married into such a great family!) / Stealing and opening the package on Mila's doorstep on accident... hahahahah / Dawson Leery popping up in an episode of Criminal Minds / Driving the Alpine Loop / Movie night with my bae / My adolescence professor extending the deadline for our research paper a mere 2 hours before it was due (thank the heavens for that man) / Finding my glasses after they had been lost for two days

- - - - -

Here's some Internet Stuff To Make You Happy:

/ I saw on Instagram, one of my favorite photographers, Bryant, posted a "behind a photo" video. It's amazing for 2 reasons: #1: His model is continually moving, which is probably why I love the "natural" look of his photos... because they are natural haha. So, good modeling tip. #2: He takes a picture with a hole covered t-shirt and I finally found it. It's here, on the 7th row. Also, it's amazing and I'm obsessed with the way it looks.

/ How cute is this Amelie themed engagement shoot? I'm dying. IT'S TOO CUTE.

/ Alyssia B Photography was the photographer for our wedding, and I absolutely LOVE this shoot she did at a lake! Such a cute location.

/ Another photography thing, I'm sorry. But, I'm obsessed with "at home" photos and this shoot by Joshua Mikhaiel nails it in every way possible. Shout out to Mila for showing it to me.

- - - - -

the last of spokane

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Cour D'Alene road trip! 

The docks and lake there are so pretty! I would love to just live there for like a month :)

What are husbands for, if not to hold your soda? Lol. But seriously, he's the nicest and always carries my things. I got lucky!

We stopped at the cutest candy shop where I purchased this truffle and also one of those giant lollipops. I forgot to mention this earlier, but I post a lot of pictures on my Instagram that I don't post here, so if you're interested in that sort of thang, follow @emcakes for some fun stuff.

The next day we rode the sky ride and walked around the mall. It was labor day, so most of the restaurants we wanted to eat at were closed. We ended up going to P.F. Changs, which turned out to be the best decision because hello, their tofu is the best of all tofu everywhere.

Also check out that frenchie. My Cute Husband braided it while we were in line. He literally braids better than me. I'm not sure, but I think he may be The Perfect Human.

Then, the next day we headed home! It was quite sad to be leaving Spokane, because I'm obsessed with it and I'm also 100% sure my grandma is my idol. So, always sad things to be leaving. 
HOWEVER. When we were dining at Chaps I had my grandma take a picture of me and Jake by a cute sign, but there was a man sitting there so he moved while we took the picture. He then asked us if we wanted a picture of all three of us together, and I said that would be great and handed him my iPhone. He asked me how to use it, which I thought was a joke, but then I realized he didn't know, so I just told him to press the white circle on the screen. He then pointed it at himself and said, "Do I do it this way?" To which we all chuckled thinking he was making yet another joke. Upon realizing he was serious, I told him it was the other way, where you can see the screen which has the picture you want to take in it. He then somehow ended up taking four videos, which I made me cry from laughing so hard. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... The Camera Man.

And lastly, a cutesy picture because this is the blogging world right??

Spokane was so fun and such a needed little relaxing vacay before this craziness of school hit. By the way, if you need me check underneath the piles of books ya know. Special thanks to my wonderful grandma for making it all possible and also for being the nicest and funnies. Also, this trip wouldn't have been complete without the one and only Michael Keller, so a special thanks to him as well for putting up with us and for entertaining us with his shenanigans. We will be back soon!

- - - - -

spokane day 4

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
*I think I fixed all the stuff that was weird with the Internet Explorer view (squished photos, big photos, black background on the comment link), but if you're still experiencing weird views PLEASE TELL ME. And thanks to everyone who has let me know about stuff thus far. :)*

I apparently got day 4 and day 5 switched somehow. Brain overload! But anyways, here's day 4. While driving on a day previous, we saw a Jacob's Java! Obviously we had to go because A.) Things with your name on them are fun and B.) I spied some Ghiradelli cocoa pumps through the window, so HOT CHOCOLATE.

Also, this is my favorite road. Look at all those trees lining it! So beautiful.

We then went to the mall where my wonderful grandma bought me a new lipstick. I've been looking for just a light, natural pink (that doesn't look creepy) for a while now. I'm quite satisfied with what we found! Jake took like, twenty pictures while we were waiting for my uncle to meet us at the mall to see The Giver (!!!!), so here are some strange pictures. Please not the condition of my hair. I think it was on day 4. (I do wash my bangs every day, so don't be grossed out wondering what bacteria my forehead is harvesting.)

Also, it's important to note the beautiful diamond earrings my grandma passed down to me on this trip. They have a screw in back for extra security and it's safe to say I'm OBSESSED. Grandma's are the best!!

And lastly, I couldn't end this post without ranting about how amazing The Giver was. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET SERIOUSLY GO AND SEE IT RIGHT NOW. It was awesome for multiple reasons, which I shall now explain in bulleted list format.
  • The filming was AMAZING. It was so visually creative and unique. Mega props to whoever's idea it was to film it that way.
  • The story is amazing! I love futuristic utopian societies, but this one goes above and beyond, because it's more realistic (dare I say that?) and also they think we are living badly now.
  • The ending!! I haven't read the book since I was a wee child, but I absolutely loved the way they ended it. Not sure if that's the way it ends in Lois Lowry's mind or not, but I thought they did a really good job.
Well folks, that's all for today. Also, a small reminder to try cotton candy grapes if you haven't already, because they will change the way you view deliciousness.

- - - - -

spokane day 5

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Sorry not sorry for all the nature pictures. The trees are so pretty I can't even.

We went putting!! It was quite fun, and the golf course was beautiful!

Look at that pond! Ahhhh. Also, I'm sad about this dress, because when I ordered it I forgot to look at the "back view" and it has like, a huge opening right in the middle of the back. I hate wearing shade/modbod/whatever they're called shirts underneath things, because they're too dang tight and it's too dang hot! Such a bummer.

My cute husband! I'm obsessed with him!!!

After putting around for a bit, we grabbed the gram and went to Zips! It's quite delicious. They have this tartar sauce that's interesting (aka delicious in moderation). I could literally eat fries every day for the rest of my life and not even care. (Fun fact, when I came home from India, I made my mom stop at Burger King where I got fries in my meal. They tasted so good I had fries almost every day for like, three weeks. Lol!)

Dead cause cotton candy grapes are so good.

A little bit later that day we went to Scoop which is the cutest little neighborhood ice cream shop!

They had liege waffles!! So naturally I had to try one. It was pretty good, but not super fresh. We'll have to go in the morning next time. :)!

Also, the cutest thing of the trip happened at Zips. While we were sitting outside eating our treats, a cop car pulled up and two cops got out and went inside the store! I was hoping so badly they would get ice cream cones, because how cute would that be? And they did! Lol watching two grown men in cop uniform eat their little ice cream cones by their car was seriously the cutest thing.

- - - - -

the oldest cemetery

Saturday, September 6, 2014
My grandma has a really neat cemetery just a little walk from her house. It's super cool with really old walls and headstones! I wonder how long it takes for a stone wall to deteriorate that much?? 

The coolest headstones in the world are there!

A lot of them were obviously hand carved. Isn't that crazy?! In my sculpting class we had to carve something from a huge rock, and it took forever! Mega props to these dudes.

I wonder what the "bride" is for on this one? Any ideas?

Jake and I wanted to know what she was martyred for. So sad!

Some of them were literally just stakes with like, plastic or metal. It sort of made me feel bad that they didn't have any other options. I don't know, maybe it's a religious or cultural thing? 

Some were so old you couldn't even see the engraving! So crazy.

And lastly, a crescent moon to finish the night off. It was such a nice little walk exploring such an old cemetery!

- - - - -