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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas snippets

You know those dreams you have where everything goes exactly how you want it to go? Like you want to fly on a broomstick (my personal favorite) and then all of the sudden there is a broomstick and you're flying on it? Well, that is literally how this Christmas was. Everything went 100% according to our planned schedule and it was so amazing. Here's some snippets of our holiday!

Even the meanest of cats get delicious food on Christmas eve.

But, then they get sassy and demand you bring the food to them, but you resist because you remember you have an amazing dog and also that you hate cats.

These are three very real, very unedited pictures of the sunset on our way to dinner Christmas Eve. UTAH IS BEAUTIFUL.

My brother won a package of those giant Reese's! Also, he left them here so needless to say I will be enjoying literal 1 pound giant Reese's for the next week or so (because who knows how long it takes to actually eat the whole thing, ya know).

Our pajamas turned out pretty decent, if I do say so myself. There's just something about matching pajamas that makes me so happy hahahaha.


The cutest dinner date and the yummiest dinner at Buca Di Beppo! I'm not the biggest italian cream soda fan there ever was, but MAN. Those italian sodas are something else. The cream is like, literally form the clouds of heaven, I swear.

Ah, the lights at Temple Square. They were such a nice way to end our quiet Christmas Day! I am loving those lights on the water. Sooooo pretty. 

All in all, I'd say Christmas was a success!
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Monday, December 29, 2014

a happy list: 45

The new reusable mugs at Starbuck's / Giving Trixie and Skully gourmet pet food / When I  found out Skully isn't scared of Trixie / Lounging in bed all day with bb / Grape-apple sparkling cider / Jake's family's fondue dinner / Little baby snowflakes quietly falling all day (FAVORITE) / Ghirardelli minis / Getting organized after the Christmas madness / The portrait of Trixie my sister-in-law gave us for Christmas 

Here's some internet things to make you happy!
This at home shoot of my cute friend and her husband. Aren't they perfect? And isn't the photography perfect? / This GoPro video a guy took of what his dog does when he isn't home

Yay for Christmas break! I'm loving all this time to do nothing at all haha. It's the best. Jake and I have been lounging all day. I took some photos of a bloggy friend, edited, and hung out in bed while Jake played X-Box. So, it's a winning day in our books.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

at last, my love has come along

Do you ever tell yourself, "Ok, once I finish ___ I am going to start ____ again." Well, pretty much that was me throughout college. I'm not done yet, but I'm also no longer doing tons of classes, so I want to start doing my nails again! I used to do them every Sunday and it was so fun to be constantly switching it up! I want to get back to that, ya know?

I saw this "winterize your nails" color swatch by Julep and thought it would be fun to do winterish nails!

I'm slowly but surely getting better at taking in focus pictures of my nails haha. Anyways, I'm pretty sure Kaylah is the queen of Awesome-Nails-Land, but I do hope one day (with much practice and effort) to be at least half as good as she is! Here's some tips about how to keep your nails healthy in the winter too, if your nails have been small babies about the cold.

If you're needing to treat yoself to some new colors, Julep's got some amazing colors!

- - - - - 

Friday, December 26, 2014

winter hikes = luh

For one of our 12 dates of Christmas we hiked battlecreek falls in Pleasant Grove! It was amazing and easy (because I am a small baby who can not do exercise-related things well) and basically just perfect. Shall we begin with the photo diary?

Ummmmmm, look at that fog. Like, it is seriously so majestic and wonderful that in this moment as I type this I am experiencing such strong feelings of appreciation for this wonderful world that we live in.

Do you ever take a photo and it's wayyyyy underexposed? That's how this one was. It was black. I played around with it in Photoshop and I think it looks kind of cool.

Scarf by bae. I'm obsessed with it so much. I've wanted a red plaid scarf for so long, and at long last I own one! Just in time for the chilly, snowy weather. 

Now, just enjoy these nature photos.


Also, here is a picture we took when we got to the top. We just followed the trail on my app and there wasn't anything really majestic where it ended. But, it was snowing and I was proud of my baby legs and I was feeling extra love for Jake and his encouragement so, that was majestic enough for us.

The snow was so perfect. I was scared it wasn't going to snow on Christmas, but alas that tricky Mother Nature just likes to keep us on our toes I suppose. (Rhyme?)

OK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. There is a place called The Truffle Cottage and it's in Pleasant Grove, Utah and it is LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING PLACE. We passed it on our way up to the hike and decided to stop by on our way back. The truffle on the left is Oreo, then chocolate, and in the back that is a BRAIN. It was strawberries and cream and underneath the top layer of chocolate there was even a little layer of red jelly like the meninges (?)!!!! I guess that could be gross, but I finished my behavioral neurobiology and met my grade goal, so I felt like it was the perfect way to celebrate haha.

Anyways! Please go hike battlecreek falls if you're in Utah! It's amazing and so so so so so pretty. Like, #tumblrworthy. Kidding… but like it really is so gorgeous and it's not even that hard of a hike.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Gosh, I know Jake and I felt a little guilty with how generous eveyone was to us. We truly are grateful to have such kind friends and family!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas!!

It's finally Christmas! Yay!!! Hope everyone has a good little break from life this week!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

a quick birthday post

Friday was my birthday! Yay! And the best part was I didn't have to take any finals, and also Jake only had a final in the morning so we were able to celebrate that night.

A day started with the sunrise is a day started right, is it not?

My college's grade site is so nice hahahahaha.

OF COURSE BEANS AND BREWS HOT CHOCOLATE. Also they have those little dutch things, and they're not too bad!

Salt Lake has the prettiest buildings I swear.

Lookout points, am I right? 

CAFE TRIO AT LAST. Ok, so basically this place is thee cutest ever because it permanently has lights up and I love that so much. 

Parmesan flatbread!

Chicken pizza!

Cheese pizza!

Bittersweet chocolate pudding! (By the way superrrrr delicious and probably my favorite pudding I've ever tasted. The pudding to whipped cream ratio was 100% perfect.)

Special thanks to my super cute bb for making my birthday perfect and for being the nicest always. It was a good day!

- - - - -

Monday, December 22, 2014

a happy list: 44

Pretty much allll of Us The Duo's songs / Apple cider from Coffee Pod / When the mice in The Nutcracker give CPR to the mouse king / Cafe Trio bittersweet pudding (aka a small heaven in your mouth) / The cutest pup watching me while I study / When a certain two characters in a certain t.v. show finally kissed / Making a count down paper chain / When we hiked in the snow / Wrapping gifts for people / The delicious Christmas drink Taylor makes at Slurp

- - - - --

This week was a good one internet things to make you happy! Here's a video where Bill Nye explains evolution using emojis / They're making the BFG into a movie!!!!! / This video about the meaning of emojis / I guess this is kind of sad, but it made me laugh. Here's a list of why Jen Lindley had the worst life ever. / Finals week in GIFS / This cute baby's Christmas photos / The teddy bear dog returns / These animals eating dinner LOL

- - - - -

P.S. Sorry, I feel like I wasn't super clear about the Friends IRL group. I more so meant for it to be a place where we can plan meet ups and stuff, like in real real life haha. So for those who weren't living in the area, I deleted you so you wouldn't be getting notifications like crazy for meet ups you can't attend :). I hope that's ok with everyone! And if you are in Utah County and want to hang out feel free to join.