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a happy list: 5

Friday, December 6, 2013

- - - - -
tribal patterns
the holiday season
warm morning hugs
re-watching the office
my nephew all the time
having a clean apartment
the size of jupiter in the sky
finally winning a giveaway!!
when the world evens things out
eating delicious breakfasts with jake

- - - - -


  1. That cake though.
    I miss having a clean apartment.... Maybe after I graduate.

    1. Story of my life! "Once I graduate I will get more into knitting." "Once I graduate we will have money." "Once I graduate I will have more time." FALSE. Well, pear haps. School... amiright?!

  2. I love these posts. Warm morning hugs are my fave too!

    1. I know right?! I've started getting up early with Jake so I can have one before he leaves for work! Especially in these freeeeezing winter months!


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