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Eva + Birthday

Friday, December 27, 2013

Last week we celebrate my birthday! It was super fun, because on my actual birthday nothing happened. Jake had work and finals all day long! I actually had a final I had to take as well. So, all I did on my actual birthday was read my Facebook birthday posts (which is my favorite thing about Facebook), got my free drink from Starbuck's and some gingerbread...

unfortunately didn't bring my camera, but look at the size of that thing! and the cute note! i feel bad for not writing that on people's drinks.

... took my phone into the mac repair store and found out they can't repair my lock button (bummer!), bought more hair dye, picked up some cards from my sister's house and played with my adorable niece and nephew for a bit, bought some fabric from Joann's for our drawers, and then headed home! Jake gave me his present and then we ate Pizza Hut and watched The X-Files! 

Then, on Friday we headed to Eva! Funny story, I thought we were going to Eva's bakery, but we were actually at Eva small plates and drinks! It was the place I had looked at pictures of, and where I had looked up the menu, but it definitely wasn't a bakery! 

my nails of the week! purple, black, and blue stripes.

they had really lovely artwork on the walls.

literally the best fries! they were parmesan, rosemary, and garlic! we loved them so much we recreated them the next day haha.

our margarita pizza with jalapenos instead of tomatoes. it was different from any pizza i've had before and really good. the crust was perf!

Then, afterwards we drove by Hobbitville in Salt Lake! Ever since finding out it is really a bird aviary I wanted to go back and drive in further. It was still pretty creepy though.

I really wanted to go to La Bonne Vie and get some macaroons since I haven't gotten any since my wedding in June (eek!). They only had blueberry and passion fruit though, BUT I've had "eat yule log" on our Christmas list for soooo long. I didn't think I would have time to make it, but there it was, sitting in the pastry display case! It was praline bouche de noel, so I snatched it up and we ate it while having an X-Files marathon. It was soooooo good! The cute leaves were made out of chocolate and edible! For some reason I love when everything is edible.

Like I said, we were so obsessed with the fries, we recreated them the next day! They obviously weren't exactly the same, but they were pretty dang close! Luckily Jake knows how to make fries like no other mother. 

It was a great night! I luh ma bb.
And my birthday.
But, mostly ma bb.

- - - - -


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration!


  2. fun! and those fries, oh myyyy.
    xo, cheyenne

    1. Seriously so good! If you live in Utah, go to Eva Small Plates! They are the best!

  3. I feel like such a dope, I didn't even realize you were married! Looks like you had a great birthday, and you should definitely get your husband to do a guest post with his method of cooking fries, because those look unreal. In other news, I am mailing out your prints on Monday (post has been closed for Christmas).


    1. Haha I will have to tell him! He used to work at a food place where they made fries, so he's pretty much an expert. Also yay! I am soooo excited! They are adorable!

  4. WOW I love your hair! *_*

    All those foods look so so so delicious. Have you ever been to Gourmandise in Salt Lake City? I think you'd like itttt


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