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Saturday, December 14, 2013

morning sunlight & breakfast with the cutest husband

Am I the only one who has like, strangely vivid dreams?? On Thursday morning, I had a dream about Mona Lisa Smile, where I was trying to get all of these girls to rebel. 

It started out with me walking down this creepy hallway that was also a restaurant, and there was the guy from Pam's Labyrinth...

 ... except he was glow-in-the dark, and I wasn't scared of him. I just knew we all needed to get out of there, because they were going to kill all of us (sort like Nazi style, like get rid of all the women). (No offense to any males who may be reading this, I AM NOT RADICAL.)

So, I got away and escaped to a Korean convenience store (I blame Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 for that one). I only had one of those saws that are like, super flimsy for protection. All these guys came in. At first they didn't recognize me, but then they did. They grabbed this little kid, and were like, "He can die, or 7 women can die". So, I decided to just give myself up and try to rebel some other time.

They took us back to like, this boarding school type thing where we lived. 

This one girl had gotten married, and her husband came in looking for her. He couldn't find her though, so he made all of us line up and raise our hands so he could choose a new one to marry. I kept telling this blonde girl with a bob that they were going to come and kill all of us, but she wasn't listening to me. 

(This is the weird part.) Then, I went to get a horse to ride away from everyone and get a head start, but they were training some other animal to act like a horse. It wasn't an elephant, but I remember thinking, "It's going to be slow like an elephant". However, it could jump REALLY high. Like... really high. So, I was riding it and jumping over all of these high things, but I had to hold onto it's collar, because it didn't have any reigns. That was scary to me.

Then, I woke up.

Anyways. Does anyone else have a dream they think they've had before, but have no proof of? But, you just know? I have it all the time and it's so weird!!!

Also, momentary shout out to Polite Bacon (Jake's intramural flag football team) for winning!! They are the flag football champions!!
Sorry for the blinding sun... but also I am wearing my spirit hood because it's winter again, and that makes me really happy.

Anyways. I'm off to work a booth for All Things Lovely and then attend a friend's Christmas Party!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. i totally have the same dreams over and over! i started writing them down because i got so creeped out! love the pics on the top with the light coming through the blinds


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