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Thursday, December 12, 2013

These were taken from the amazinggggg snowy day we had! It's been melting a little bit since, which is both bad and good. It's bad, because snow going away is always bad! But, I guess it's good because I can drive safely in the snow! I just realized I used exclamation points in the past three sentences. Yikes.

More good news, though! So, I have a final that is open Monday-Wednesday. Thursday is my birthday. Friday is my last final. 

I was super bummed, because I wanted to chillax on my birthday and do awesome things (mainly drink cocoa, go grocery shopping and pretend it's clothes shopping, and make stockings for me and Jake). But, I went and talked to my teacher today and she surprisingly said I could take it early, on Monday! So, I will be done with my finals a day early!! That means I can do everything on Wednesday and MEGA CHILL on my birthday! 

I'm so excited.

Bring on the finals!

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  1. Woohoo!!! Happy finals and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    1. Ah thank you! Happy finals to you as well! Also I'm obsessed with your blog and you should send me button for it to put on my sidebar :)


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