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Sunday, October 27, 2013

So, on Tuesday me and my friend hung out with my other friend before he left on his mish. Awe, we were the cutest little movie trio. We used to movie hop at the mall and it is one of my fondest memories of Freshman year! Also this picture sums up our friendship pretty perfectly.

"Here, hold my rings while I sew."
We went to Starbuck's because our awesome friend was working, and she gave us free drinks! It was like a dream store, so I applied. Cross your fingers they hire me! Also, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Me and my friend were in the craft room sewing and Trixie lurked in, and then rolled over on the floor. 
She loves us.

I also went to Romeo and Juliet that night, and can I start off by saying how annoying Romeo's face is?? I mean like seriously. For some reason it bugs me IMMENSELY. Have you seen "LOL"? Because it is actually quite terrible and it has Miley Cyrus in it, and also Douglas Booth, so maybe that's why I think he is annoying. But, I came home and Jake had cleaned the whole apartment! After like 12 hours of straight school and work! Best husband ever!
Also, definitely still in love with my tapestry from Soul Flower.

I've been loving this fall weather (also the thermoses I got from Starbuck's last year for 75 cents each! yay!) and drinking hot chocolate while walking to school every morning. Only a matter of time before the snow starts coming down and then I can whip out the spirit hood! 

We got Brugee's on Friday, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you haven't already been there. They have the most delicious waffles with pearl sugar and melted Belgian chocolate bars in the middle. I literally have driven to Salt Lake and back just for a waffle. Also, do you see that thing of fries? Well, the weird cone shaped thing coming off of it was also full of fries! Seriously there were so many!

Also, I got a 68% on my Living Prophets test and Jake got a 90% on his Astronomy test, so we celebrated with Taco Bell, diet Pepsi, Cheetos, and Harry Potter.

SIDE NOTE: Thanks for the tips on how to be better at school. I wish I could switch schools... but then it would take me longer to graduate and also longer to get there in the morning. Alas, I will have to hire my mother to teach me how to study.

Saturday morning was spent watching Lost and knitting my hat. Which, by the way, knitting night is still on, so LMK if you want an invite. Then we went to Tommy's Burgers which is SO DELICIOUS. Not to mention there's usually no one there... so check it.

That's basically what we've done!

- - - - -

P.S. I'm mega upset now, because I want nothing more than a meal from Tommy's.


  1. burgers, Starbucks and a clean house! what a perfect time!

  2. and omgsh LOST
    we watched that during the summer

  3. i love all your rings on your fingers and the black nails!




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