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soul flower

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First of all, scroll down two posts to see who won $50 to Kensie. (Spoiler alert: It's Beverly! Congrats gurlfren.)

Haha. Anyways, here are some photos I took of the most amazing tapestry. The lighting isn't what I hoped for, but hey what can you do! The little park we discovered was beautiful.

Thanks Jamie for being my model!!

Now, here are some photos of how it has made my apartment awesome. Like, literally, it has made it feel so much more homey. Plus it's a good way to fix the stupid "You can't paint your walls" rule.
So, yay for that.

The horridness this tapestry hides includes a door, the thermostat, and the doorbell.

Thanks Soul Flower! Seriously the prettiest eco friendly items I ever did see. Go take a look and get your yoga on.

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