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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Theses are some photos my friend Jamie took a few weeks ago. The living room at her apartment is really quite beautiful. The furniture and color scheme are so classy. I love it!

I'm just starting to realize how prominent my dimple is! I didn't even think I was smiling in these, but it looks like I am smiling a little bit in all of them! Ha!

I have been gone from this little blog of mine, because life is pretty crazy. I've been working on All Things Lovely, going to school, and doing homework. I have been wanting to get back into photography for quite some time now, but I just lack the inspiration. Plus, I just don't know who/what to photograph. I suppose that's what happens when you cram your days with schoolwork.

I really am excited for my literature review, though. How many people will be able to say they wrote a 13 page scientific paper? Probably a lot, ha ha. But, it's definitely a first for me. I would really like to get published (**in and undergraduate journal**), so I have been spending lots of time perfecting it.

I'm really glad the weather is getting cooler. Walking to school in the morning with my Starbuck's thermos filled with Beans and Brews hot chocolate makes me lol for some reason. I rode my bike today, and as much as I like riding it, there is just something about walking that is so peaceful. Each block has it's own thing. The walk to 700 is filled with weird people avoiding eye contact, then there's the block with the guys who are always doing something stupid on their porches, then the block with all the crispy leaves, then the Siamese cat that lets me pet it now, then the cherries that squish out, and then I'm home! I quite like walking. I think I could fare well in a city. Driving gives me anxiety.

Well, until two weeks...

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P.S. On a side note, I recently bought some veggie style protein beef. It tastes so much like real meat I can't eat it. Ha ha. The only "fake" meat I can eat is chicken patties. I'm so weird.


  1. pretty pretty pictures, Emily.

    xo. m.

  2. Emily. i just followed your blog. you are so hilarious and i love your life


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