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Friday, October 11, 2013

1.) Always the annoying customer. I can't even believe it sometimes. I guess that's what free drinks every shift will do to you.

2.) I got the cutest wall decal from this shop this week! They are such a good deal and look amazing.

3.) From our road trip to St. George. Yay for long car rides... wait... 

4.) Emo pics for days. Lol at Jake's face.

5.) While in St. George we went to Twenty Five Main and got cupcakes! I think they won some award for being the best in Utah or something. They were delicious. I mean why can't more places make chocolate raspberry cupcakes??

6.) The beautiful mountains right outside of Zion's National Park, which we of course couldn't go to because of the shutdown. 

7.) Going home solely to see ma pup. 

8.) Ok, this is the stupidest thing, but I love when I am laying on my side watching TV on the couch and Trixie jumps up and lays right next to me. It's like a little puzzle that is complete. I LOVE MY DOG. 

9.) I literally laughed out loud at this text message. My mother is such a gem.

10.) Ok, did you guys know you can get this heaven sent box of pizza from Pizza Hut for $10?? Like why on earth would you buy a plain Little Ceasars pizza when you can pay $5 more dollars and get bread sticks and cinnamon sticks with icing and sauce?! Step up your game, Little Ceasars.

11.) Ha ha ha so while in Pizza Hut we decided to have a mini photo shoot because they had a little pocket of the building that was surrounded by three red walls. It was perfect.

12.) Have any of you had the french fry burger from Burger King? I don't eat beef, but if I did I would definitely try this. It's so beautiful and also only $1. In other news their veggie burgers are fantastic if you didn't know. Oh, and also their fries. On my way home from the airport after I got back from India, I made my mom stop at Burger King and get me some fries and a veggie burger ha ha. I then had fries on a tri-weekly basis for about two months. Strange things.

13.) I'm an idiot and skipped 13 so we'll say it's the stupid face I drew. Because she is cute.

14.) South campus just being pretty as always. I love the walks to and from school, now that the leaves are changing colors and the temperature is cooling down. I love drinking hot chocolate in the morning while there is still fog covering the mountains. Only a month until we get some snow!

15.) Have you heard of the "cronut"? If not, google it. It's seriously like the shizzinest deal in New York right now. People wait in line for LITERALLY hours just to get one. Much to my dismay I do not live close enough to get one. However, the universe must love me lately, because I spotted this gem at Macey's while on the hunt for pita bread. You know where to find me on Saturday!

16.) Vegetarian food that was delicious. Does anybody know if you can buy Subway sweet onion sauce??? Because I definitely need some. Or at least a recipe or something. 

17.) Jake painted my right hand. It was his first time ever painting fingernails. Such an honor.

18.) Cutest notes everywhere. Jake is the best.

That's been life lately.

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  1. #5. have you been the Cravings Cupcakes in Lehi? they just won cupcake wars. Freaking AMAZING! and they have seriously a billion flavors. look them up on facebook. My favorite flavor is coconut tres leches. TO DIE FOR!
    #16. You can ask subway for little containers of the sweet onion sauce. we bought like 10 once for a family picnic. they charged us 15 cents for each one I think. So worth the $1.50. It makes any sandwich taste amazing!

    1. Ah! No! But I am definitely going there!!! I have had a strange obsession with cupcakes recently. Didn't you used to work there? I think I saw your posts on Facebook or something ha ha, but maybe I am wrong. BTW if you guys like hot chocolate you should try Beans and Brews! Their hot chocolate is the best. Or you can just buy Ghiradelli MIlk Chocolate Powder. The ration is 1 cup of whole milk to 2 tbsp of powder. I memorized it before I quit because it was so delicious ha ha ha. Also thanks for the Subway tip!!!!!! I will do that tomorrow!! I ate the most delicious pita bread with vegetables from the deli at Thanksgiving Point and then tried to make it at home, but didn't have the onion relish they used. Like, what even is onion relish? Literally no one knows. I was thinking it would be super good with their sauce though. Thanks for all the info! You're awesome! Your baby bump is looking so cute!! Excited to hear if it's a boy or a girl!!!

    2. I worked for the owners twin sister at a Grilled Cheese shop haha! Cravings Bistro and Cravings Cupcakes...so confusing! Oh man we freaking love hot chocolate! I'm obsessed with Stephens Gourmet raspberry. SO good! I had no idea you were a vegetarian by the way. Super cool! I could never do it though! Christmas is when we'll find out the gender of baby. We're pretty excited :)


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