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kensie giveaway

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Awkward that I had to take these pictures but awesome that one of you guys gets to win $50 to spend at Kensie! Also, special thanks to my friend Jamie for being a baller and taking these pictures for me. We definitely discovered the cutest park in Provo.

This dress was my favorite because I loved the colors and the flow. I swear, everyone on campus wears   dark jeans and then a neutral colored top... so things get pretty boring. Also, that lace collar? Excuse me while I die from a cuteness overload. This dress is definitely one of my new favorites!

Also, the absence from this cyberspace is due to me kicking some serious trash in school. So, excuse me momentarily.

Comment below! Please leave a separate comment for each entry and leave a way to contact you. The giveaway ends in one week.

1 entry for each of the following...
-follow Kensie on Facebook
-follow Kense on Twitter
-follow my blog

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P.S. How on earth do they make people look bald in movies?

**** UPDATE: The winner is... Beverly! Congrats! I will email you.


  1. if i already follow you then does that grant me an entry? also, if i worship your blog does that grant me a 2nd entry?

    xo. m.

  2. Like 'em on facebook!

  3. Totes following your blog

  4. You look so cute! Lace collars are the best and colorful dresses beat boring jeans and tees any day! This park is in Provo?! Its so pretty!
    I already follow Kensie in FB :)

  5. and.. I already follow your lovely blog!!


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