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Thursday, October 31, 2013

a happy list: 1

These are some awesome photos my friend Jamie took while we were at a park in Provo. I love the ghostly look. Perfect for Halloween I suppose! Thanks for being awesome Jamie!

Now, for a happy list.

watching tap dancing
the sound of tap shoes
full moons
seeing people walking with people hands in their pockets
watching the stars move in the sky
shooting stars
billie holiday and old jazz
adorable cups of hot chocolate
cute mugs

- - - - -

Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 0 - 2 7 - 2 0 1 3

So, on Tuesday me and my friend hung out with my other friend before he left on his mish. Awe, we were the cutest little movie trio. We used to movie hop at the mall and it is one of my fondest memories of Freshman year! Also this picture sums up our friendship pretty perfectly.

"Here, hold my rings while I sew."
We went to Starbuck's because our awesome friend was working, and she gave us free drinks! It was like a dream store, so I applied. Cross your fingers they hire me! Also, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Me and my friend were in the craft room sewing and Trixie lurked in, and then rolled over on the floor. 
She loves us.

I also went to Romeo and Juliet that night, and can I start off by saying how annoying Romeo's face is?? I mean like seriously. For some reason it bugs me IMMENSELY. Have you seen "LOL"? Because it is actually quite terrible and it has Miley Cyrus in it, and also Douglas Booth, so maybe that's why I think he is annoying. But, I came home and Jake had cleaned the whole apartment! After like 12 hours of straight school and work! Best husband ever!
Also, definitely still in love with my tapestry from Soul Flower.

I've been loving this fall weather (also the thermoses I got from Starbuck's last year for 75 cents each! yay!) and drinking hot chocolate while walking to school every morning. Only a matter of time before the snow starts coming down and then I can whip out the spirit hood! 

We got Brugee's on Friday, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you haven't already been there. They have the most delicious waffles with pearl sugar and melted Belgian chocolate bars in the middle. I literally have driven to Salt Lake and back just for a waffle. Also, do you see that thing of fries? Well, the weird cone shaped thing coming off of it was also full of fries! Seriously there were so many!

Also, I got a 68% on my Living Prophets test and Jake got a 90% on his Astronomy test, so we celebrated with Taco Bell, diet Pepsi, Cheetos, and Harry Potter.

SIDE NOTE: Thanks for the tips on how to be better at school. I wish I could switch schools... but then it would take me longer to graduate and also longer to get there in the morning. Alas, I will have to hire my mother to teach me how to study.

Saturday morning was spent watching Lost and knitting my hat. Which, by the way, knitting night is still on, so LMK if you want an invite. Then we went to Tommy's Burgers which is SO DELICIOUS. Not to mention there's usually no one there... so check it.

That's basically what we've done!

- - - - -

P.S. I'm mega upset now, because I want nothing more than a meal from Tommy's.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

1 0 - 2 6 - 2 0 1 3

Ok. Riddle me this, world. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SUCKS AT COLLEGE? Like, I am literally asking you. 


Like, I just don't know what my deal is. 
Freshman year? Yes. I definitely deserved that. I skipped classes all day errrrrrr day and definitely would take tests after like, 2.754345 hours of studying. 
Ok. I sat down in front of my mirror before I headed off to my first day in Zoobtown as a Sophomore. I said, "Emmy. You are married. Making time for you totally amazing, sexy, nice, loving, kind, best human ever boyfriend is no longer an obstacle in your academic progress. Emmy. You are also a ten minute walk from campus. You can no longer use, "It just takes so long to get there" as an excuse. This year you have all of the obstacles out of the way, and you are going to kick some serious ass. And, if you don't, then you will literally get kicked out of college and you will have to tell everyone that you got kicked out of college solely because you are not a smart human. Which is probably the worst thing ever. Worse than getting kicked out for doing drugs, or murdering a teacher, or starting a activist group for gay rights. LITERALLY ANYTHING WOULD BE BETTER THAN GETTING KICKED OUT FOR BEING DUMB. Emmy. These are the facts and now you need to have a long, hard look at yourself and get you shit together, because the time for being stupid and lol-ing is over. Columbia, UW, and U Chig depend on this."

So, obviously I should be doing good, right? I mean, theoretically there is nothing in my way anymore. WELL. FALSE. My stats test? Oh, well that hasn't been graded yet and it's only been THREE WEEKS since I took it, so honestly who even knows how I did. My women's studies test? An 89%. Dec. My Judaism and Islam test? 65. LIKE WHY IN THE WORLD I LITERALLY SPENT HOURS STUDYING AND TOOK NOTES EVERY SINGLE DAY AND LISTENED AND ONLY MISSED ONE CLASS PERIOD. Gosh. I just don't understand. So, I'm all, "Well, that's just that one." 

I go and take my living prophets test yesterday (which by the way is the worst class I have ever had to sit through, yet I sit through it every single day because I want to not get kicked out and also I want to go to grad school) and I studied for six hours on Thursday, and then two hours on Friday. So, a total of 8 hours, plus attending class, plus taking notes should equal a good grade, right? 


68. 68. 68. LIKE WTF. 
Oh, are you wondering what the questions were like? Here, let me give you a little sneak peek.

What callings did President Monson receive at age 22, 32, 36, and 58? 
Choose 3 recent talks that President Monson has given, and tell me what the metaphors were, and what they symbolized, and what we can learn from them.
What are two pieces of advice President Monson gave to BYU students in his 1995 address?
Which general authority was a refugee during WWII?
Which general authority was the mission president of the Canadian Mission?

Probably all of these answers were in the reading we did for homework, but I just feel like they aren't the core principles we are learning. That's probably just because I did bad, but whatever. 

I missed 12, but there is still the short answer portion so there is still a small, small beacon of hope. What sort of teacher has 62 points of a test in short answer? Teachers who don't have husbands, children, hearts, or anything better to do with their time.... apparently....

In reality it's just my fault that I suck at school, and my teachers are all probably actually great people in real life. I just don't know what else I need to do! Like, is it just me???????? Am I the only one who tries and tries and just continually sucks no matter how hard I try? Maybe I'm like, subconsciously releasing some hormone that makes me zone out in class and then feel like I was listening the whole time? Maybe there is a team of micro-people who live on my pencil and after I fill in my answers they go in and move all the pencil shavings to a different bubble?


I am going to eat chocolate for the rest of today and also watch Lost and go to my nephew's birthday party, and basically I am going to do everything today because IDGAF about school for the rest of this weekend, and probably for the rest of life, and probably for the rest of eternity as well. IDGAF about school and I should just work at Starbuck's for the rest of my life, or go to like one of those online colleges where you automatically get As, or something else easy, because my capability of being on par with the rest of the student body at BYU is just NOT HAPPENING.

Maybe it's my mini-skirts. Maybe if I dressed more like a zoob, then I could get their test scores.
I don't pray before my tests either, so maybe that's the key.
Or probably the most probable solution would just be to move to the island in Lost, because it heals sickness and it could heal my sickness of doing very poorly on exams. 

This was really long and I'm actually not sorry at all, but I'll apologize anyways.

- - - - -

P.S. Definitely didn't read over this sooooo sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, or such things. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

1 0 - 2 4 - 2 0 1 3

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1 0 - 2 3 - 2 0 1 3

So, on Tuesday I hung out with my friends (since one of them leaves on Thursday for a mission) and we had quite a blast. While at Starbuck's visit one of my very favorite humans (who to this day literally has said the nicest thing to me that anyone has ever to said to me in my life literally) my friend took my phone for some reason that I can't remember and decided to take literally 150 photos. 

So, instead of deleting them all and being 1.8 annoyed, I decided to post some and give them names.

The Ultimate Bliss
The Posed Candid
The Face You Have When Liam Breaks Up With Miley

Me just trying to get my phone back, but I am posting this because I really love my sweater and also everything that comes from Asian fashion.

The Lipless Monster
The "Check Yourself"
The "You Just Wrecked Yourself"
Forgetting Fine Motor Skills
Horizontal Facial Features For Dayz
The Face You Get After Getting Customer Service At Coffee Pod
The Face You Get After Getting Coffee At Coffee Pod 
The Contented Being
Bitch, please
The Face That Single Handedly Proves You Are Still A Teenager

There you have it folks.
Probably only three of you actually know who this human is, so I apologize to the rest of you.
I am just lol-ing by myself over here.
Also, disclaimer: I go to Coffee Pod quite often and was just joking. 
Ok, I actually was being 100% serious and have completely stopped going there, in fact I actually drive fifteen minutes to the nearest Starbuck's which is all the way in Orem, because that is how much I dislike my experiences at Coffee Pod. Also LET'S BE HONEST I MISS STARBUCK'S SOMETIMES OK. Probably just because I always miss my grandma and pretty much the only building that could represent her is a Starbuck's, so naturally I go there for the good vibes.


still works there.
still works there.
may or may not still be working there. 

So, at least 67% quit... GEEZUM FRIENDS.

I don't know how this turned into a Starbuck's rant, but there ya go. 

- - - - -

Thursday, October 17, 2013

1 0 - 1 7 - 2 0 1 3

Theses are some photos my friend Jamie took a few weeks ago. The living room at her apartment is really quite beautiful. The furniture and color scheme are so classy. I love it!

I'm just starting to realize how prominent my dimple is! I didn't even think I was smiling in these, but it looks like I am smiling a little bit in all of them! Ha!

I have been gone from this little blog of mine, because life is pretty crazy. I've been working on All Things Lovely, going to school, and doing homework. I have been wanting to get back into photography for quite some time now, but I just lack the inspiration. Plus, I just don't know who/what to photograph. I suppose that's what happens when you cram your days with schoolwork.

I really am excited for my literature review, though. How many people will be able to say they wrote a 13 page scientific paper? Probably a lot, ha ha. But, it's definitely a first for me. I would really like to get published (**in and undergraduate journal**), so I have been spending lots of time perfecting it.

I'm really glad the weather is getting cooler. Walking to school in the morning with my Starbuck's thermos filled with Beans and Brews hot chocolate makes me lol for some reason. I rode my bike today, and as much as I like riding it, there is just something about walking that is so peaceful. Each block has it's own thing. The walk to 700 is filled with weird people avoiding eye contact, then there's the block with the guys who are always doing something stupid on their porches, then the block with all the crispy leaves, then the Siamese cat that lets me pet it now, then the cherries that squish out, and then I'm home! I quite like walking. I think I could fare well in a city. Driving gives me anxiety.

Well, until two weeks...

- - - - -

P.S. On a side note, I recently bought some veggie style protein beef. It tastes so much like real meat I can't eat it. Ha ha. The only "fake" meat I can eat is chicken patties. I'm so weird.

Friday, October 11, 2013

1 0 - 1 1 - 2 0 1 3

1.) Always the annoying customer. I can't even believe it sometimes. I guess that's what free drinks every shift will do to you.

2.) I got the cutest wall decal from this shop this week! They are such a good deal and look amazing.

3.) From our road trip to St. George. Yay for long car rides... wait... 

4.) Emo pics for days. Lol at Jake's face.

5.) While in St. George we went to Twenty Five Main and got cupcakes! I think they won some award for being the best in Utah or something. They were delicious. I mean why can't more places make chocolate raspberry cupcakes??

6.) The beautiful mountains right outside of Zion's National Park, which we of course couldn't go to because of the shutdown. 

7.) Going home solely to see ma pup. 

8.) Ok, this is the stupidest thing, but I love when I am laying on my side watching TV on the couch and Trixie jumps up and lays right next to me. It's like a little puzzle that is complete. I LOVE MY DOG. 

9.) I literally laughed out loud at this text message. My mother is such a gem.

10.) Ok, did you guys know you can get this heaven sent box of pizza from Pizza Hut for $10?? Like why on earth would you buy a plain Little Ceasars pizza when you can pay $5 more dollars and get bread sticks and cinnamon sticks with icing and sauce?! Step up your game, Little Ceasars.

11.) Ha ha ha so while in Pizza Hut we decided to have a mini photo shoot because they had a little pocket of the building that was surrounded by three red walls. It was perfect.

12.) Have any of you had the french fry burger from Burger King? I don't eat beef, but if I did I would definitely try this. It's so beautiful and also only $1. In other news their veggie burgers are fantastic if you didn't know. Oh, and also their fries. On my way home from the airport after I got back from India, I made my mom stop at Burger King and get me some fries and a veggie burger ha ha. I then had fries on a tri-weekly basis for about two months. Strange things.

13.) I'm an idiot and skipped 13 so we'll say it's the stupid face I drew. Because she is cute.

14.) South campus just being pretty as always. I love the walks to and from school, now that the leaves are changing colors and the temperature is cooling down. I love drinking hot chocolate in the morning while there is still fog covering the mountains. Only a month until we get some snow!

15.) Have you heard of the "cronut"? If not, google it. It's seriously like the shizzinest deal in New York right now. People wait in line for LITERALLY hours just to get one. Much to my dismay I do not live close enough to get one. However, the universe must love me lately, because I spotted this gem at Macey's while on the hunt for pita bread. You know where to find me on Saturday!

16.) Vegetarian food that was delicious. Does anybody know if you can buy Subway sweet onion sauce??? Because I definitely need some. Or at least a recipe or something. 

17.) Jake painted my right hand. It was his first time ever painting fingernails. Such an honor.

18.) Cutest notes everywhere. Jake is the best.

That's been life lately.

- - - - -

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

soul flower

First of all, scroll down two posts to see who won $50 to Kensie. (Spoiler alert: It's Beverly! Congrats gurlfren.)

Haha. Anyways, here are some photos I took of the most amazing tapestry. The lighting isn't what I hoped for, but hey what can you do! The little park we discovered was beautiful.

Thanks Jamie for being my model!!

Now, here are some photos of how it has made my apartment awesome. Like, literally, it has made it feel so much more homey. Plus it's a good way to fix the stupid "You can't paint your walls" rule.
So, yay for that.

The horridness this tapestry hides includes a door, the thermostat, and the doorbell.

Thanks Soul Flower! Seriously the prettiest eco friendly items I ever did see. Go take a look and get your yoga on.

- - - - -

Friday, October 4, 2013

all things lovely daily deals

Hello! Just a quick post because I don't think I've posted about this yet...

But, there is a new awesome website! It's called All Things Lovely Daily Deals. You can check it out here.

Link Here

There are lots of awesome deals on some neato hand picked products. My favorite so far are these "gossip girl" butterflies. I seriously couldn't get over Serena's wall when I first saw it. I regularly tell Jake that as soon as we both have jobs we are going to hire someone to copy the installation for our wall ha ha. Then I found these butterflies! Perfecto!
(Adding "o" to the end of adjectives? Like why?...)

Anyways, that's all for today. Don't forget to drop a comment and enter the Kensie giveaway on the post below. Anonymous commenting is enabled in case you don't have a blog.

I'm off to show a 10 page literature review who's boss.

- - - - -

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

kensie giveaway

Awkward that I had to take these pictures but awesome that one of you guys gets to win $50 to spend at Kensie! Also, special thanks to my friend Jamie for being a baller and taking these pictures for me. We definitely discovered the cutest park in Provo.

This dress was my favorite because I loved the colors and the flow. I swear, everyone on campus wears   dark jeans and then a neutral colored top... so things get pretty boring. Also, that lace collar? Excuse me while I die from a cuteness overload. This dress is definitely one of my new favorites!

Also, the absence from this cyberspace is due to me kicking some serious trash in school. So, excuse me momentarily.

Comment below! Please leave a separate comment for each entry and leave a way to contact you. The giveaway ends in one week.

1 entry for each of the following...
-follow Kensie on Facebook
-follow Kense on Twitter
-follow my blog

- - - - -

P.S. How on earth do they make people look bald in movies?

**** UPDATE: The winner is... Beverly! Congrats! I will email you.