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summer in review according to my iphone

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Well, this definitely isn't all the photos I took with my iPhone this summer, but just the ones that are lagging behind.
I don't know why I don't post things from my phone more often. They're much more interested.
Take said photo for example. This is me sitting alone at a table at a wedding flashing "blood".
Cool kid status achieved.
(In all reality I was actually responding to all of my sister's text messages with a photo, and she definitely was not too pleased with that joke.)

Here is my dear mother confiscating all of my horror tapes. That I was trying to load into my car to take  to my apartment. A direct quote is, "Emmy, I am not going to allow trash like this in my house!!"
When I protested that I bought them with my own money and was also taking them out of her house to my apartment her reply was, "I am not going to allow trash like this in your house either!"
So, that was that. 

My cute husband who surprises me with raspberry lemonades hand delivered to my workplace.

The girls at my work who are really entertaining. One of which had a conversation with my manager which ended up with us getting a poster board and markers, so we can "get out feelings out". 
Naturally, a unicorn was drawn for me after I had a breakdown about financial aid (which strangely enough later on turned out to be false and I definitely attribute this phenomenon to the unicorn below).

Whilst at my sister's house her dog, Max, jumped on my lap and allowed me to pet him. Max and I have not had the strongest of all relationships in the past, so this was sort of a monumental occasion. After my psychoanalyzing, I came to the conclusion that Max does not receive any love.
So, that was sad.
Pouvre Max.

Me and Jake discovered the most delicious shaved ice to ever exist in Utah count at the suggestion of my sister. This was the Little Mermaid and it was only $3 and it made my day 89% better.

Meet the half BYU Jake and the half not BYU Jake.
He's a good one.

Taking pictures with cats to send to my grandma, because she appreciates cute stuff like that.
Also this cat has a vendetta with me and Trixie and that's not ok in my books, but I decided to be more Gandhi instead of Malcolm X.

My cutest puppy always sleeping in her bed, which is actually the most adorable thing ever.

 I was making fun of my sister for when she always made me take pictures of her and her husband (mind you that was VERY often)
(and by VERY I mean every time we did anything, and even sometimes when we weren't doing anything at all)
and asked her to take a picture of me and Trixie and this is what I got back, so lesson learned.

I finally remembered to ask my sister what this game was called and she luckily remembered the name so this is now on my list of video games to beat while I'm pregnant.

Finding cute notes from Jake on Tuesdays is the best because I am literally alone all day until like 9 p.m. and that results in me feeling like a baby who needs to get a life.

What I look like on Tuesdays.

What I accomplish on Tuesdays.
This actually looks much cooler now though, because I added some palm reading and it just works.
I shall post a picture at a later time.

When a hurricane came to Utah.

When my friend texted me and asked what I was doing.

Well folks, that's all I've got for today.
I think I shall start doing a weekly "From My IPhone" sort of post, because those pictures are the truest, ya know?


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