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hurricanes in utah

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saturday there was literally a hurricane! Ok, not really. But, this was our apartment at four o'clock in the afternoon. Jake was in the office doing homework and I was reading on the couch. Things started to feel... weird. I noticed that it had gotten really dark and weird noises were happening. I looked outside and full on storm was raging! Like, you know how when you turn the shower on and it just hammers down. Well, probably the Gods were turning a shower on the world or something, because shiz was cray.

We tried to go outside in it, but it was coming down super hard. I finally got to use the awesome rain coat I thrifted in Washington though! Anyways, I stepped outside for this picture for literally five seconds, and my pants were a hot mess when I came back in.

I'm all for the rain, okay? But wind is the most terrifying thing to ever exist anywhere ever. Needless to say we made some cocoa and Jake's math was interrupted for the duration of the storm.

Later that night we went out for shopping and dinner, and there were soooo many tree branches all over the place. When I say tree branches I mean literal, huge tree branches. It blew down a fence in my sister's neighborhood.


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  1. It's rainy everywhere! I'm not enjoying it too much... gets in the way of photography!

  2. I love big storms, perfect excuse to spend a the day curled up on the sofa. Branches coming down might be a little bit scary though. Love that photo of you, hope you didn't get too wet though xo


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