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from our little day boating

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Third time boating this summer, like what is my life.

Nothing on this earth can make me get in the tube again though.
Also, nothing in this universe can make me wakeboard. Like, ever.

I don't know you guys, boating just ain't my thang. Ya know?

In other news, how cute are these headbands we got from Riley's Picks? It's the perfect solution for not doing your straight across bangs.

I love my bangs and everything, but they definitely aren't a wake-up-and-go sort of deal, so that sucks.

Freshman year I bought an Obey hat so I wouldn't have to get ready in the mornings.
Ask me how that went.

In other news I found a photo friend, so prepare yourself for Wednesday's post.

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  1. I'll have to invest in some headbands like this now that my bangs are high maintenance. Man, I'd love to go boating. I have not gone swimming all summer!
    Also, photo friends are the best.


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