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Sunday, September 22, 2013

So, this past weekend Jake and I went camping! It was actually really fun. Half the battle is finding a campground (especially free ones for us poor college students). It took us two hours to find this one!

We send up our tent and then started a fire. We were surrounded by trees, so we couldn't see the full moon. I wanted to do a moon ceremony, but decided not to since we couldn't see it ha ha ha. The sunset through the trees was so beautiful though.

Jake started a fire like a boss. He kept making mini-grilled cheeses with a cheddar cheese block and club crackers. I definitely ate about half a bag of hint of lime chips and salsa. Have you ever had them? They seriously are so delicious. One guess to what I'm eating right now...

I am proud to say I roasted my marshmallow on a legitimate stick that I sharpened with a knife all by myself. Also, I am proud to say it was the most perfectly, thoroughly roasted marshmallow I have ever created.

I have decided fire is one of my favorite things to photograph. Any tips?

The next morning we ate some food and then packed up our bags. I was going to do a shoot with the tapestry I got from Soul Flower, but the lighting was weird. If anyone wants to shoot up there, I found the most beautiful field surrounded by trees... Hit me up.

OK DOES THAT NOT LOOK LIKE A WOLF? LIKE BEHIND THE TREE TRUNK ON THE LEFT? I was setting up the tent and literally had a freak out when I saw it. I thought it was a wolf and booked it to the trail, grabbed some rocks, and then started walking back. It was really dumb though, because about halfway there I decided my rock would be useless against a wolf. So, I just waited for Jake to get back from the car and we checked it out. It turns out it was just the trunk. BUT JEEZ-UM!

Sorry not sorry for all of the nature pictures. It was so beautiful. I love fall.

We decided to stop by Squaw Peak on our way home. There was a wildlife group there and we were lucky enough to see an eagle fly by! My fixed zoom couldn't capture it, but it was definitely a cool experience! Look at that view!

Do any of you guys put your camera ridiculous places to get a self-timed picture? I had to balance this on the car hood and then put the lens cap and the strap underneath it to balance it better... Haha and we even had a tripod in the trunk! 

That was our weekend!
Hope you had a fun one!

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  1. Emily!! you are the cutest!! We definitely need to do something ASAP! I would defiantly freak out if I thought it was a wolf! you guys are the cutest and I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. I....don't see the wolf. But that's scary! Last time I went camping, I thought that I heard a roar while we were sitting around the fire, and I kinda screamed/gasped really loud. But I found out it was just the noise the seat made when I shifted in it. HA!
    Ah, I love camping!! Utah is so pretty, I'm jealous. And man!! You guys have orange and red leaves already! We probably won't get colored leaves until late next month.

  3. We went camping a few times this year, too, and once we imagined(?) or actually saw a bear in the field where we camped. So I understand you although I can't see a wolf on the pic. Love the fall colors of the trees and I think you both look great in your timer picture.

  4. I've been craving camping all summer and never went which is a bummer. Looked like fun! You guys are so cute!

  5. ooo, I love camping. Your trip looks like it was lovely!


  6. STAHP. Drew and I are coming with you guys next time. No questions asked. We need married friends to hang out with. And those chips are amazing. I don't blame you one bit. Love your blog. xoxo

  7. so, so lovely! i can't wait to plan my camping trip for this year, i love camping! looks like you had a great time!

    lindsey louise


  8. omg this is just so fun! are you guys dating? that shouldve been a wonderful experience for the both of u, loving how your friend wears his snapbacks lol, and the nature is just so beautiful u should shoot an outfit shoot there, these pictures, I think, would go well with an ellie goulding song lol!:)
    "Posh Plastic" on http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  9. don't even get me started on the things i do to get a picture... ha ha!

  10. there is just something so fun about camping. love it!


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