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and we'll watch christmas tv

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, Saturday started off well enough. I found this grape while driving to work. Does that not look like a butt to you? We LOLed for days. I couldn't eat it though, because the skin was ripped and that always grosses me out. I just can' t get the image of little bug babies being in there out of my head. Maybe I'm the only one?

After work we attended a barbecue. My dog was invited. Literally. Her Facebook profile was invited. So we brought her along and she was quite a delight. I gave her a Dorito and she went a buried it. Oh, and also she got stuck between those metal bars. Hahaahahahaha. Maybe not the smartest animal...
But definitely the cutest. <3. (Do you guys remember when it was super cool to do those little hearts? Lol.)

Reenacting the joy that is senior photos.
Unfortunately enough I decided to take my own. Well, my sister did, but anyways. We took them at a park by my house and there was a branch coming out of my head, so I thought I was super cool and used my cs6 to remove it, but totally missed a spot. So embarrassing.
I think I ended up getting some different ones taken, but those still got sent out for something. Worst.

Lol when people ask me if I'm ok with my veggie burger being grilled on the same grill as meat. If you're a vegetarian and you're not ok with that, then go check yourself.

Rachel who is awesome and living in Salt Lake come fall. Linsey who is also awesome and also living in Salt Lake come fall and who also used to play Lego Star Wars the video game with me in 6th grade when I didn't have any friends. Marissa who has a really beautiful Instagram feed. Hailey who is going to Harvard come fall. Jordan who is a cool cat and in a band that I can't remember the name of. Who was actually in it with Hailey. Meet cutes.

Also, am I the only one who has an obsessing with knee/thigh highs? I mean, they are so wonderful.


  1. haha that grape totally looks like a butt. Its what I thought in my head before I read the text that went with it, and then I laughed a little because apparently my mind isn't that dirty :)



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