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7 16 2013: regarding Trixie and vegetarianism, amongst other things.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Multiple items of business today.

Firstly, here are some photos of a bunny I owned for exactly 21 hours, because I am a terrible human. Mainly, I am just lonely, because my apartment doesn’t allow pets. Except it’s stupid, because I though I could get a bunny and it would make things better, because it’s an animal and it would cuddle with me while I watch Prison Break and eat bagels with me in the morning and walk with me to the park and just be awesome in general. Then I came to realize that it’s interest in me was purely parasitic. He only wanted me for my chewy clothing and skin. That’s not ok in my book. So, I decided to just deal with the fact that I am way too obsessed with my dog and miss her way too much. And consequently, got rid of the bunny. (It was nowhere close to filling the gap that Trixie left when she was so harshly torn out of my everyday life.) So, that’s where we are right now. I am missing Trixie more than any human should ever miss an animal. I am crying in the middle of the rug aisle at Kohl’s and while driving on the on-ramp and while laying in bed at 3 in the morning. SHE HAS BEEN WITH ME SINCE I WAS 6 YEARS OLD OK SO DON’T JUDGE.

Sorry, that was lengthy. This next item of business is regarding vegetarianism. Lately, due to some health issues, I have debated whether or not to remain vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian (yes, a vegetarian, not a pescetarian) for 3.something years now, and I’ve grown to quite like the lifestyle. I know it sounds stupid, but every time I don’t eat meat when I have been given the opportunity, I feel like I gain a brownie point with cows everywhere. But, I have been thinking a lot about life and stuff, and have been debating on whether or not I should remain vegetarian. I come from a family that eats meat very American-like and my husband does also. Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easier if I did too. However, today the words “cognitive dissonance” came into my mind and I realized that would be my own personal mantra. Therefore, I have made the decision to still be a vegetarian. However, if the day comes where some hell-bent-vibe compels me to eat meat, then I shall lovingly oblige it. But, until then, I am remaining vegetarian. (Unless I am severely anemic when I attend the doctor, then I shall take necessary action.)

The next item of business it quite a bit shorter. I am going to finally take photos of the cool clothes my very first sponsor sent me. So... I guess that’s not really anything that benefits you (like anything else on here is, ha!) but I just felt the urge to share.

Lastly, my sister and I are working on a very, very cool website. Trust me, you would love to be feature on it. Email me if you are interested. I’ll probably update about it quite often. You can find my email on the left side of this blog, under “sponsor/contact”. 

Well, cyber-lovers, that’s all I have for you today.

Make today a good one, and be friendly to strangers.

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  1. that is one really cute bunny. I didn't realize that your dog Trixie has been your pal since you were 6! Tough times :/
    I've often thought about eating meat again (other than fish) but I don't really crave it all too much, so what's the point? Maybe it's because I do eat fish that I don't miss other meat? I have often though about cutting dairy out of my diet. My sister in law has visited dairy farms and told me about all the sadness that goes on there... I stopped drinking milk for about two weeks, but I couldn't keep my hands off of greek yogurt, cheese, or ice cream.
    Yay for free clothes! Can't wait to see them! I was recently contacted by a company to promote their new online store....I'm hoping it's not a scam. I'll find out soon enough! And hey hey, I'd like to be featured on this so called very cool website of yours!

  2. Ooo what's this website you're working on?!
    That bunny is darling. I want a dog so bad it's ridiculous haha. I had a dog that died when I was in highschool that I had since I was 6 and that was really hard, he was definitely a part of the family!
    My family and Hubby eat meat daily and I'm a vegetarian. I mainly don't eat meat because I don't like it, so... ya.
    Anyway, that's exciting about your sponsor stuff! I love when that happens :)

  3. that little fuzz ball is adorable. i'll take him if you can't have him.

    xo. m.


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