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Friday, July 12, 2013

1.) Heading off early at 7am! We had to wake up at 4 :(
2.) Jake sleeping one every plane the whole time.
3.) Hotel fun. I wish I had a bathroom as big as my room. #thehighlife (lol @ hastags not on instagram)
4.) Adventuring with the Maya culture.

1.) Dope in the elevator. Fo sho.
2.) Just doing some hard rock at Hard Rock Cafe. (Why is that place so famous anyways? Yuck! I mean, I'm all for rock, but that place isn't worth all the hype, in my opinion. It was nice to have American food, though.
3.) Being a for real idiot and not knowing which sign is "love" and which sign is "rock on". OMG LIFE SOMETIMES. Also, I would just like to point out that it took us like, literally fifteen minutes to get our check. We finally had to go up and ask somebody where our waitress went...

1.) Basically as soon as we got out of our taxi, these guys were all over us wanting to have us take pictures with us. We naively complied. Of course, once we were done they asked us for tips... Jake gave one guy 50 pesos ($5) and said it was for all of them, but the other ones wouldn't leave us alone! So, he gave another guy a $1 bill and only had twenties left. The third guy said he would give us change, but we were both like, "ummmmm no you won't" and walked away. Sometimes they are so annoying in foreign countries.

1&2.) The trail to the Maya temple. (At least that's what I think it was, I can't remember.)
3.) TBT to when Jake was a balla and gave me a piggy back ride when I said I was tired for half a mile after we had already kayaked, hiked, and zip lined all day. BEST HUSBAND EVER.
4.) Prepping to walk up 120 steps of pure terror. Ask me how I feel about steep, shallow stairs.

1.) Being champs.
2.) View from the top! OMG! It was almost scarier going back down.
3.) Obligatory shoe pic.
4.) Best friend bracelets.

1.) Legit skull sculpture the Mayas made. I wonder what it meant back then.
2.) Out of order picture of the view from the temple we hiked.
4.) You can't see it very well, but I was doing the same pose as the guy in the carving.

Anyways, those are all the pictures we took on our trip. We decided that we're not very good at taking pictures. We didn't take any at the adventure park we went to, or the Maya adventure (kayaking, zip lines, hiking, rappelling), at the beach, or of the hotel room. So... 
It's hard when you're traveling in a place where you don't want to take your DSLR though. So, next time we'll have to work on being better photographers. 
But, it was a GREAT honeymoon! It was so much fun to take a trip just the two of us and do whatever we wanted to without a bunch of other people's opinions. BEST. Can't wait for the next!
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  1. Hi Emily~ I left a little present for you on my blog today ....^.^


  2. I loved this post!!!!


  3. WELL, your honeymoon was def cooler than mine! haha. I mean, it was a nice honeymoon..... I just wished we did more things and took more pictures! I think I was too shy to take photos back then, and I remember that we didn't want to seem too touristy. Also, it was before either of us had smart phones with decent cameras, so.
    I love Jake's tank tops! And boo for waking up at 4am! that's like, my bedtime. WHAT IS MY LIFE I NEED STRUCTURE

  4. Ok I just have to say this and then I'll leave you alone I promise. Your husband totally looks like Chase Crawford to me!! haha does he ever get that? He really he does and also you guys basically went on the coolest honeymoon ever.


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