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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a lame "about me" video because life

OH. EM. GEE. Sorry to post another vid, but I don't want to neglect my cyberspace and also need to do something non school related or work related or I will go OUTTA MY MIND. Please excuse my constant mess ups on words. It's been a long day.
Leave a link if you decided to make a video and answer these questions!

1.) Were you named after anyone?
2.) When was the last time you cried?
3.) Do you like your handwriting?
4.) What is your favorite lunch meat?
5.) Do you have kids?
6.) If you were another person would you be friends with you?
7.) Do you use sarcasm a lot?
8.) Do you still have your tonsils?
9.) Would you bungee jump?
10.) What is your favorite cereal?
11.) Do you until your shoes when you take them off?
12.) Do you think you are strong?
13.) What is your favorite ice cream?
14.) What is the first thing you notice about people?
15.) Red or pink?
16.) What is your lease favorite thing about yourself?
17.) Who do you miss the most?
18.) What is the spark feature that has helped you the most? lol
19.) What color of shoes are you wearing?
20.) What was the last thing you ate?
21.) What are you listening to right now?
22.) If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
23.) Favorite smells?
24.) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
25.) Mountain hideaway or beach house?

That's all. Sorry I'm lame today.

- - - - -

P.S. Much thanks to Beverly for telling me how to make my videos beautifully clear like hers.

Monday, July 29, 2013

and we'll watch christmas tv

Well, Saturday started off well enough. I found this grape while driving to work. Does that not look like a butt to you? We LOLed for days. I couldn't eat it though, because the skin was ripped and that always grosses me out. I just can' t get the image of little bug babies being in there out of my head. Maybe I'm the only one?

After work we attended a barbecue. My dog was invited. Literally. Her Facebook profile was invited. So we brought her along and she was quite a delight. I gave her a Dorito and she went a buried it. Oh, and also she got stuck between those metal bars. Hahaahahahaha. Maybe not the smartest animal...
But definitely the cutest. <3. (Do you guys remember when it was super cool to do those little hearts? Lol.)

Reenacting the joy that is senior photos.
Unfortunately enough I decided to take my own. Well, my sister did, but anyways. We took them at a park by my house and there was a branch coming out of my head, so I thought I was super cool and used my cs6 to remove it, but totally missed a spot. So embarrassing.
I think I ended up getting some different ones taken, but those still got sent out for something. Worst.

Lol when people ask me if I'm ok with my veggie burger being grilled on the same grill as meat. If you're a vegetarian and you're not ok with that, then go check yourself.

Rachel who is awesome and living in Salt Lake come fall. Linsey who is also awesome and also living in Salt Lake come fall and who also used to play Lego Star Wars the video game with me in 6th grade when I didn't have any friends. Marissa who has a really beautiful Instagram feed. Hailey who is going to Harvard come fall. Jordan who is a cool cat and in a band that I can't remember the name of. Who was actually in it with Hailey. Meet cutes.

Also, am I the only one who has an obsessing with knee/thigh highs? I mean, they are so wonderful.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well, as you may or may not be able to tell, I gave my blog a little bit of a makeover. Generally, I am pleased with the results. However, there are a few things I can't figure out for the life of me!
1.) How to change the font color of my title.
2.) How to change the font of my pages.
3.) How to make the background of my "welcome" gadget white (it's white in Photoshop!)
4.) How to permanently change the font of my posts, so I don't have to copy and paste the font I want every time.

If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them.

These photos are from when we walked to the park. The lighting was just phenomenal. I mean, to all of these photos (minus the last ones) I just made the colors more vibrant, but the rest is completely real life! It was gorgeous. On the way home we passed by the cutest house. They had a little bench on the corner for people to sit on I guess, lol. We also discovered an abandoned storage place/studio apartment/rave club. It was super cool. It made me want to buy it and renovate it to be the coolest loft west of the Mississippi.

In other new, Massachusetts has the highest average ACT score, so congrats, Massachusetts.

My eyes are closing, so I guess I should go.

- - - - -

Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 25 2013: LOL A VID

Also, I am tagging... Madeline, Autumn, Beverly, Rylee, Rachel, and Stephanie.
You guys can either answer the questions I got, found here. Or, you can answer the questions I am making up for you...
1.) Where is your favorite place in Utah/state where you live?
2.) What's the funnest thing you've done in the past month-year?
3.) How can I sneak my dog into my no pets allowed apartment?
4.) Did you like the movie Waterworld? What about Now You See Me?
5.) Where's your favorite place to shop?
6.) Favorite dessert recipe?
7.) Favorite blogs to read?
8.) Best restaurant in your area?
9.) Funniest movie you've ever seen?
10.) TBT to your wedding day, how was it? Any funny disasters?
11.) Why are all teenagers obsessed with cats right now?

Well, lovely cyberlovers. This is where we part.
Although, I did get a dope shirt from Skip 'n Whistle yesterday, so I shall photograph that soon. In the mean time, stay cool.
It's burning over here.

- - - - -

Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 21 2013: introducing, soul flower

Well, awkward pictures but OMG THIS HOODIE.
Literally, I have not taken it off since I received it from Soul FlowerWell, ok maybe I have taken it off a couple of times, but every time I change into sweats I throw this baby on. Seriously, the most comfortable thing in the world. I found a link to their website through Facebook, and immediately feel in love with all of their clothes. I emailed them to see if they had any blog programs and, long story short I am now part of their "Karma Krewe"! SO excited to finally get some quality yoga gear. Also, a lot of their clothes are eco friendly, so it's a great give back to the world!
I picked this hoodie, because I loved the peace sign on the back. It's just the coolest design. I also loved these, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So, it was extremely hard to pick just one, but this hoodie has been a lifesaver in my constantly freezing apartment!

Also, sorry for being MIA, because life is a little bit crazy at the moment. Most days I either go to work at the dinosaur museum (I know, lol at that fact) or I work at the preschool with this study I'm assisting with, and then after that I work on the website my sister and I are opening (in August!) and after that I work on my school packet (I have to finish two before August 16th), plus then there are events, shopping, and cleaning to do. So, things are definitely jam packed, but to be honest, I love it like that! It's so nice to have a full schedule of things you get done.

Anyways, I have some more photos to post, so that shall be fun. Also, we have a friend's wedding, Slash concert, Flaming Lips concert, and a friend's party to go to this week! So, fun things coming this way.

Well, cyberlovers, that's all that's going on.
Wish me luck in my class!

- - - - -

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 16 2013: regarding Trixie and vegetarianism, amongst other things.

Multiple items of business today.

Firstly, here are some photos of a bunny I owned for exactly 21 hours, because I am a terrible human. Mainly, I am just lonely, because my apartment doesn’t allow pets. Except it’s stupid, because I though I could get a bunny and it would make things better, because it’s an animal and it would cuddle with me while I watch Prison Break and eat bagels with me in the morning and walk with me to the park and just be awesome in general. Then I came to realize that it’s interest in me was purely parasitic. He only wanted me for my chewy clothing and skin. That’s not ok in my book. So, I decided to just deal with the fact that I am way too obsessed with my dog and miss her way too much. And consequently, got rid of the bunny. (It was nowhere close to filling the gap that Trixie left when she was so harshly torn out of my everyday life.) So, that’s where we are right now. I am missing Trixie more than any human should ever miss an animal. I am crying in the middle of the rug aisle at Kohl’s and while driving on the on-ramp and while laying in bed at 3 in the morning. SHE HAS BEEN WITH ME SINCE I WAS 6 YEARS OLD OK SO DON’T JUDGE.

Sorry, that was lengthy. This next item of business is regarding vegetarianism. Lately, due to some health issues, I have debated whether or not to remain vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian (yes, a vegetarian, not a pescetarian) for 3.something years now, and I’ve grown to quite like the lifestyle. I know it sounds stupid, but every time I don’t eat meat when I have been given the opportunity, I feel like I gain a brownie point with cows everywhere. But, I have been thinking a lot about life and stuff, and have been debating on whether or not I should remain vegetarian. I come from a family that eats meat very American-like and my husband does also. Sometimes I wonder if it would just be easier if I did too. However, today the words “cognitive dissonance” came into my mind and I realized that would be my own personal mantra. Therefore, I have made the decision to still be a vegetarian. However, if the day comes where some hell-bent-vibe compels me to eat meat, then I shall lovingly oblige it. But, until then, I am remaining vegetarian. (Unless I am severely anemic when I attend the doctor, then I shall take necessary action.)

The next item of business it quite a bit shorter. I am going to finally take photos of the cool clothes my very first sponsor sent me. So... I guess that’s not really anything that benefits you (like anything else on here is, ha!) but I just felt the urge to share.

Lastly, my sister and I are working on a very, very cool website. Trust me, you would love to be feature on it. Email me if you are interested. I’ll probably update about it quite often. You can find my email on the left side of this blog, under “sponsor/contact”. 

Well, cyber-lovers, that’s all I have for you today.

Make today a good one, and be friendly to strangers.

- - - - -

Saturday, July 13, 2013

7 13 2013: the drive in

Friday night we went to the drive in! I seriously have been wanting to go forevesssss. So, it was definitely way exciting, even though it took forever to get there. We got Subway before hand and picnic'd on our air mattress. 
The first movie was Pacific Rim, and I knew it was going to be terrible so I just slept through it. The second one was White House Down and I really liked it! It did start raining halfway through, so we had to jump in the car, but it was still so fun.
Also, those Jones Soda bottles are what I made Jake for his birthday. Quite enjoyable.
Tonight we're heading off to The Postal Service and Baths concert! Yay!
- - - - -

Friday, July 12, 2013


1.) Heading off early at 7am! We had to wake up at 4 :(
2.) Jake sleeping one every plane the whole time.
3.) Hotel fun. I wish I had a bathroom as big as my room. #thehighlife (lol @ hastags not on instagram)
4.) Adventuring with the Maya culture.

1.) Dope in the elevator. Fo sho.
2.) Just doing some hard rock at Hard Rock Cafe. (Why is that place so famous anyways? Yuck! I mean, I'm all for rock, but that place isn't worth all the hype, in my opinion. It was nice to have American food, though.
3.) Being a for real idiot and not knowing which sign is "love" and which sign is "rock on". OMG LIFE SOMETIMES. Also, I would just like to point out that it took us like, literally fifteen minutes to get our check. We finally had to go up and ask somebody where our waitress went...

1.) Basically as soon as we got out of our taxi, these guys were all over us wanting to have us take pictures with us. We naively complied. Of course, once we were done they asked us for tips... Jake gave one guy 50 pesos ($5) and said it was for all of them, but the other ones wouldn't leave us alone! So, he gave another guy a $1 bill and only had twenties left. The third guy said he would give us change, but we were both like, "ummmmm no you won't" and walked away. Sometimes they are so annoying in foreign countries.

1&2.) The trail to the Maya temple. (At least that's what I think it was, I can't remember.)
3.) TBT to when Jake was a balla and gave me a piggy back ride when I said I was tired for half a mile after we had already kayaked, hiked, and zip lined all day. BEST HUSBAND EVER.
4.) Prepping to walk up 120 steps of pure terror. Ask me how I feel about steep, shallow stairs.

1.) Being champs.
2.) View from the top! OMG! It was almost scarier going back down.
3.) Obligatory shoe pic.
4.) Best friend bracelets.

1.) Legit skull sculpture the Mayas made. I wonder what it meant back then.
2.) Out of order picture of the view from the temple we hiked.
4.) You can't see it very well, but I was doing the same pose as the guy in the carving.

Anyways, those are all the pictures we took on our trip. We decided that we're not very good at taking pictures. We didn't take any at the adventure park we went to, or the Maya adventure (kayaking, zip lines, hiking, rappelling), at the beach, or of the hotel room. So... 
It's hard when you're traveling in a place where you don't want to take your DSLR though. So, next time we'll have to work on being better photographers. 
But, it was a GREAT honeymoon! It was so much fun to take a trip just the two of us and do whatever we wanted to without a bunch of other people's opinions. BEST. Can't wait for the next!
- - - - -

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 5 2013: brb

I have been in Cancun. I will be back tomorrow.

- - - - -