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6 15 2013: pizzeria 712

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ok, I swear I don't go out to eat every single night! This week has just been special for some reason.
But, on Wednesday I went shopping and got to wear my cutest new shoes! So, yay for thrifting finds. 

Then, that night whilst packing my t-shirts in a cardboard box, I got a strange urge to drink water from a mason jar.
I remembered the Pizzeria 712 was trendy like that, so I ran upstairs and convinced my mother to take me as one of our last mother-daughter-spontaneous-adventures.

It was such a huge disappointment! We each got salads, and they were weird, as you can see. Mine was mozzarella, watercress, cauliflower puree, with olive tapenade and lemon vinaigrette. It just wasn't floating my boat. The greens tasted too much like arugula for my taste.

It was such a cute place though, with it's brick oven fireplace and local artwork, I felt bad disliking their food. So, I forced my mother to stay for another half hour while we ate a dessert. We got buttermilk panna cotta with some sort of lemon glaze. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't too good.

I feel so bad saying this place is the grossest, but it really is! Who knows, maybe their pizza is better. It is called Pizzeria after all.

However, it is located in this huge apartment complex that lost it's funding a couple years ago, but they finished one of the buildings. I went inside last weekend when I was trying to find Beverly, and fell completely in love with them! I made my mother come inside with my this time too, and she absolutely hated them as well! Ha!

I guess it just wasn't a good night for our adventuring.
At least we have the memory of it, though.

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  1. Well, I'm glad we decided not to go to that restaurant! What a bummer!

    Oh, and I made the heart stencil for my nails. I used washi tape, since it isn't as sticky as other tapes, folded the piece in half and cut out a heart elementary school style. Ya dig? http://man-i-cute.tumblr.com/post/44148318703/today-im-going-to-teach-you-my-way-of-doing-a


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